10 Incidents that prove Diego Costa is a dirty player



Diego Costa has been dominating the headlines after his antics against Arsenal at the weekend. The Chelsea striker made a defining impact on the game, when he got Gabriel sent off. The Brazilian also eye gouged Laurent Koscielny and sent social media into a frenzy as Chelsea capitalized on Arsenal’ loss and beat them 2-0.

Costa is one of world football’s finest wind-up merchants. Apart from being a very good footballer, Costa comes with a lot of other non-footballing attributes. From nasty tackles, eye gouge, punching opposition to stamping on them, spitting on their face and head butting them, Costa offers a lot more than what you would normally expect from your number nine.

Guardian’s La Liga correspondent, Sid Lowe describes Diego Costa perfectly.

Diego Costa says that he never takes his work home with him. Which is probably a good thing. If he did, the Atlético Madrid striker might walk through the door, goad the dog with a stick, surreptitiously elbow his wife out of the way on the stairs, shrug his shoulders innocently as she lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom and whisper insults to his children, look the other way and whistle when they burst into tears. He might stroll into the living room and dramatically collapse on the floor, roll around the rug holding his head and appeal for a penalty. He might even get it too.

The former Atletico Madrid players’ reputation precedes him and the Brazilian had already made his name as a notorious wind-up merchant even before he arrived in England. Here are some of his finest moments for Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.

Diego Costa and Real Madrid

The former Atletico Madrid man left a lasting impression on the Derbi Madrileno after his infamous battle against Sergio Ramos and Pepe. The Brazilian spent the game trying to rustle the Real Madrid duo by punching them and spitting in their face.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out the way he wanted. The pair managed to see out his nuisance and Real Madrid won the game.

Diego Costa vs Gabriel (Part one)

Costa and Gabriel have a bit of a history. For those who are unaware of it, the Chelsea striker elbowed Gabriel in the stomach during their La Liga days. Although no action was taken, Costa once again managed to outline the dirty side of his game.

Diego Costa vs Gabriel (Part two)

The pair decided to continue their spat in the Premier League as well. This time, Costa was the winner and his team benefited. The Brazilian managed to get Gabriel sent off for a stamp. However, the Chelsea player himself escaped suspension even after an eye gouge on Koscielny and a push on Gabriel.

Diego Costa and Serge Aurier

Costa takes his football seriously and the intensity is the same even if it’s a pre-season game. His infamous spat with Serge Aurier in the pre-season proved once again that a leopard cannot change its spots.

Diego Costa and Emre Can

The Chelsea striker got himself suspended by the FA, after his disgraceful stamp on Liverpool midfielder, Emre Can. Replay showed it was a dangerous tackle and the German was lucky to escape without a serious injury.

Diego Costa and Martin Skrtel

The Chelsea striker and the Liverpool defender were engaged in an interesting battle all game, but the Semi final turned ugly after the striker’s stamp on Skrtel and Emre Can. Both Liverpool players were fortunate to survive a broken ankle.

Diego Costa and Fazio

Costa was on the receiving end this time as Sevilla defender, Federico Fazio punched him in the rib cage, after the Brazilian bizarrely tried to stick his fingers into Fazio’s mouth.

Diego Costa and Zabaleta

The Chelsea striker almost got into a nasty fight with Manchester City right back, Pablo Zabaleta. The pair were separated by their teammates in time. However, Costa did try to strangle the City defender after a poor tackle from the Argentine.


Diego Costa and Sissoko

This is perhaps the funniest of the lot. Costa and Sissoko were involved in a funny spat when Atletico Madrid travelled to Levante. The pair tried to hug each other out, slapped each other and tried punching as well.

Diego Costa vs Laurent Koscielny

Last but not the least; Costa did his best to get rid of Koscielny this weekend. The Chelsea star tried slapping him with his left arm, before trying to poke his eyes out.


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