West Ham 2007/2008 Home Kit – Official Pics

West Ham have, in partnership with kit manufacturers Umbro and XL (who offer cheap flights and cheap holidays to the Caribbean, in case you’re interested), have released their new home kit for 2007/2008.

The Umbro kits have been quality this summer and West Ham’s kit is no exception. The claret and blue contrast is well-done, the kit is simple without being plain and the blue on the sides of the shirt looks good too.

Although some people will criticise the whiteness of the XL.com logo (or the logo in general) I think it will look much better when West Ham actually play at home and people get to the see the kit in live action. I don’t think that a blue logo would have worked, so white was all they had.

Yes, XL could probably have invested in a better logo – but hey, they offer cheap holidays, what can you expect?

West Ham are lucky to have Umbro – it’s one of the better kits around.

West Ham 2007/2008 Home Kit

You can buy the West Ham 07/08 home kit here.

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