Transfer Roundup: Tottenham, Newcastle United, West Ham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Everton and Portsmouth

2 more days to go before the transfer window screeches to a welcome halt and then we can all get back to cursing injuries and inept referees.

Manchester United and Manchester City after strikers

Manchester United and Manchester City are both reported to be after strikers in a bid to supplement their injury-hit squads. In both cases the names mentioned are the same, although to be fair Manchester United are quite unlikely to sign a striker at the moment, no matter how many times the tabloids mention the 22m-25m that Manchester United are ‘reportedly’ offering Tottenham for Dimitar Berbatov’s services.

If Manchester United do sign someone, the options are Anelka (9m and reputation) and Adriano (loan / 10m plus lots of baggage), two players also linked with Manchester City. City look likely to sign someone, and while the Nuno Gomes deal might not have worked out they are heavily involved in the Adriano and Anelka situations and are likely to bring one of those two home.

In my view Manchester City need a midfield signing more than a striker, and as the Friday deadline comes close we’ll see more on that front as well.

Chelsea and Tottenham in the dumb deal of the month

Reports suggest that Chelsea and Tottenham are willing to swap players (Shaun Wright-Phillips and Jermain Defoe), although Tottenham want a little cash on the side as well. It’s the equivalent of your town’s daintiest whore bedding Brad Pitt and then asking for a vibrator in between – it’s ridiculous enough as it is, why kick yourself in the mouth by making stupid demands?

At least Chelsea aren’t alone here – Ronaldinho’s brother and agent (money-grubbing cunt that he is) has apparently been well-fed by Barcelona this summer as he’s quite happy to bask in Chelsea’s reported interest in his client but is also quick to claim that Ronny is happy at Barcelona. A nothing story, really, but trust agents to get their 15 minutes as well.

Tottenham have bigger problems than SWP and Defoe – they need to sort out their mess surrounding Jol’s position at the club, especially since Tottenham have become very easy targets for speculation and Jol is now going into every Tottenham game with the press saying it’s his last – just fire him or provide a guarantee that he’s there till the end of the season, the squad and the club needs stability to succeed, not this.

Newcastle United and West Ham don’t want the summer to end

Liverpool have have brought in and sent out the most players this summer but the hungriest players in the transfer market are Newcastle United and West Ham at the moment. Both clubs have a lot riding on their success this season and both squads are still some distance away from being ‘good enough’.

Newcastle have been hit by injuries (again) and are looking for two defenders (again). Faye should come in from Bolton but Newcastle will still be short of one player and I think that while they’re in for a right back, it’s probably time that Newcastle move for Nicky Shorey and play Geremi at right-back instead.

Newcastle United could move for Chelea’s Glenn Johnson considering that Belletti and Ferreira are ahead of him in the pecking order, and with Faye also coming in that should give Newcastle a solid back four to work with.

If Shorey is up for a move (as the West Ham interest would seem to suggest), Newcastle United have an excellent chance of bringing him in. Barring that, a last-ditch move for John O’Shea would work but is unlikely to bring much fruit as Fergie won’t let him go. It’s still a bit uncertain whether Newcastle can patch the holes before August is over but to be honest, Carr and Ramage probably needed replacing anyway, so it’s not a new thing.

West Ham continue to be linked with everyone, with Adriano and Nicky Shorey the latest two players that West Ham seem to be interested in. There are rumours that West Ham have also inquired after Real Madrid’s Soldado, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the media linked Deco to West Ham again despite the fact that Deco is there for another season at Barcelona.

Aston Villa, Everton and Portsmouth

Aston Villa have also been linked with Jermain Defoe and this seems to be a more legitimate rumour and if Defoe is on his way out I’d expect either Aston Villa or Portsmouth, both of whom are after strikers. Aston Villa are also after a defender, with Glen Johnson (Chelsea) and Curtis Davies (West Brom) also linked with them. I don’t understand West Brom’s stand on Davies though – 10m for a defender who hasn’t been proven in the Premiership? It’s much worse than the 6m Portsmouth paid for David Nugent, and even that’s considered a bit steep.

I doubt that Villa will get either Johnson or Davies, but they could have Defoe in their starting lineup on the weekend.

Portsmouth’s search for a striker continues – they apparently don’t want Nugent anymore and are after Anelka, who in my view would rather go to Manchester City than Portsmouth (but that’s just me). I think Pompey would have been better off with sticking with Nugent but now that Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp has admitted that Nugent could be sold, it’s just about done for him, unless all the deals fall out at the last moment. At least Derby will be interested, although whether Nugent want’s to move to a team who are favourites to be relegated this season remains to be seen.

Everton have been a bit hard done this summer – their deal with Fernandes was virtually done before Valencia came in with a higher offer and in one day, Fernandes had chosen Valencia over Everton and all the dreams were dust. Then there’s the Yakubu deal, which is not only quite expensive but has met with snags because of a problem with the work permit, although Everton expect the appeal decision to go in their favor by Friday.

Everton are still looking for a midfielder, and both Diop and Nolan have been mentioned, but surely it’s too late in the season to make a move? If I was Moyes, I’d work on bringing Lucas Leiva or Darren Gibson in on loan and wait for Cahill to get fit.

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