Belgian midfielder reveals Chelsea star got involved with his girlfriend


In the past few years, we have had several off pitch controversies surrounding Chelsea football club, be it in the form of players having an alleged affair with fellow team-mate’s girl friend, taking drugs, or cheating on their wives.

Chelsea skipper John Terry was in the news before for having a relationship with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend, Ashley Cole had allegedly cheated on his wife – were some of the stories that grabbed headlines for wrong reasons.


Former Chelsea midfielder, Kevin de Bruyne, is his latest autobiography “keep it simple” (released yesterday) wrote about Thibaut Courtois’s alleged relationship with his ex-girl friend.

News leaked in April 2013 that Courtois had been involved with De Bruyne’s girl friend that created a lot of fuss in the media, and Marc Wilmots, the Belgium manager/coach tried his best to diffuse the situation.

De Bruyne, who broke with Caroline Lines, brought the story in light for the first time. He writes as quoted by Sportwereld

“My then girlfriend had been with friends on a trip to Madrid. Then said she had an affair with Thibaut Courtois. (…) Thibaut had told a friend of mine, which actually was not so smart of him. But okay, it’s better that he said it, of course. (…) Before I came also corresponded with Thibaut without why we were best friends, but now that contact professional. It’s not that we hear each other out of the national team. I think that’s normal. Even though I think it still may not know what Courtois did, we continue to collaborate professionally.” 

De Bruyne also mentions that coach Marc Wilmots asked him whether to exclude Courtois from the national team, but he prevented him from doing so.

I do not think I have the right to say that he can not play for the national team because he has done something wrong. He is still a good keeper. So I said he could stay.”

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