Tevez vs Neville in a locked room – Who would walk out alive?

Most of you probably already know that something was going between Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez and Manchester United’s Gary Neville during the first leg of the League Cup semi-final. Tevez went up to Neville they exchanged some “long time no see” type of words (NOT) and then Neville made a gesture showing how much he missed Tevez since he converted to the blue side of Manchester.

Tevez and Neville will probably end up killing each other if they were locked in a room but lets just analyze it for the heck of it. Although Neville probably knows how to fight and he also looks like quite a gangster but if I have to put my money on it, I think Tevez will take him out. After all, Tevez has got the scars; not Neville. Actually, Tevez will absolutely destroy Neville if they’re locked up.

I don’t have anything against Neville but I wouldn’t fight Tevez if I was him.

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