Should Manchester United sign Anelka?

In the Manchester United forum there’s a hot debate going on about whether Sir Alex Ferguson should bring Nicolas Anelka to Manchester United or not.

It’s a fair question but the motivation behind it is even more poignant – the fans don’t trust Saha anymore after what happened at the end of last season (big surprise, huh?) and while there are some nostalgics who are even pining after Ruud (get over it guys, I miss him too but let’s move on now), the hard reality is that Manchester United do not have a traditional striker capable of leading the Manchester United forward line apart from Louis Saha.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was never your typical target man (well maybe several years ago, but even then he was more a winger / striker than an out-and-out striker), and Dong Fangzhou is too raw and so is Frazier Campbell. Of the new recruits, Tevez cannot do the job alone and needs a partner, and the only man capable of doing that (apart from Saha and Rooney) is Anderson, who has a knock and won’t be playing for Manchester United this month (presumably so that he can gain match fitness).

Unless we are going to try out Febian Brandy against Tottenham in a week’s time, Manchester United will be stuck playing 4-5-1 or keep trying Giggs / Scholes in the hole. Neither are long-term or title-winning options.

We’ve sold two players who admittedly craved regular first-team football and while they could have done the job for us, they are gone now and we have to focus on what we have RIGHT NOW.

So what should SAF do? Should he bite the bullet and sign Anelka (or someone else – Huntelaar scored 4 for Ajax this weekend, heh), or should he stick to the script and ride this one out?

Let us know what you think in the forum.

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