Ronaldo exclusive: Manchester United can’t keep me here against my wishes

Cristiano Ronaldo has broken his silence and Ferguson’s gag-order over transfer speculation and has boldly claimed that “Manchester United can’t keep me here against my wishes”.

The news will come as a surprise to Manchester United fans, who have backed Ronaldo to the hilt this season in face of unbelievable amounts of abuse.

Ronaldo himself acknowledged the fan support, but said that Ferguson was not within his rights to ‘hold him’ at Manchester United and that he could – and would – leave Manchester United any time he wished to.


“I don’t see why Sir Alex has to talk to the press about me. If he comes and says such strong things about me, I want him to know that Cristiano Ronaldo bows down to no one.

Manchester United do not own me. No one owns me.”

On Jorge Mendes:

“My agent is a good man, and he’s looking after my best interests. He knows that I’d love to play for Barcelona, he knows that I’ve supported Real Madrid as a kid. He wants me to achieve my dreams, and he believes in me more than I believe in myself.

Don’t knock Mendes. He’s doing what I want him to do. If he talks to Barcelona, if he talks to Real Madird, it’s because I, Cristiano Ronaldo, ask him to.

No, Manchester United don’t know anything about this. Why should they? It’s none of their business.”

On Diving:

Ok, look, this polemic is greatly disturbing. My girlfriend asks me the other day – ‘Cristiano, why does everyone hate you?’ – and I don’t know what to tell her. I tell her that it’s because I love to win and that because maybe I’m too good for these second-rate Premiership players.

What else can I say? They hate me, and after three years of hating I’ve had enough of their crap. I hate them too. Fuck them.”

On his future:

“I am the world’s best player. I was the World Cup’s best player. I am the Premiership’s best player. I want recognition. I want to win the Champions League. I want to score the winning goal in Athens and I want to lift the trophy and show the world that I am, quite simply, the best.

Ronaldinho is a freak of nature. This (points to himself) is the real deal bro.”

Where will he play next season?

“Whoever can pay me the most money. I want to earn more than Beckham will earn at LA Galaxy. He’s getting what, $250m for 5 years? I want a new contract, $300m for 5 years. If Barcelona or Real Madrid can pay it, I’ll go. If Chelsea can pay it, I’ll go. If Wenger has to sell Henry to pay it, I’ll go.”

On Soccerlens:

“It’s nice of you to take my side from time to time, but what the hell is this obsession with Beckham and Roy Keane? Don’t you know that I’m the best?”

Thank you, Cristiano Ronaldo, for this insightful interview – it was much appreciated!

Disclaimer: April Fool! 🙂 Nothing in the above news item should be considered truthful, as it is all a figment of the author’s imagination. To comment on this item, to offer your views on this ‘prank’ or to read more April Fool stories, please visit the official April Fools page on Soccerlens.

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