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Reading FC 2007/2008 Away Shirt



Reading FC have revealed their new 2007/2008 Away shirt, and it is pure Reading, no doubt about it.

Not much to say about the kit (see image below) except that the full release for the Reading 07/08 away kit will be on 7th July, although you can, as usual, pre-order the gray-and-gray kit right now.

Looking at the models for the shirt on the club site, it got me wondering – why don’t football clubs use girls as shirt models?

And then I thought – why don’t football clubs have US-style cheerleaders? You know, a troupe of hot chicks running around the ground and dancing during the half-time break, or maybe doing special shows for each end (we’re talking several groups of dancers now).

Coming back to the kits, it would be great if clubs used hot women to model for the kits. Tits hanging out of a tight shirt tend to overshadow the flaws and enhance sponsor logos, so why not?

Enough of that though – here’s the kit:

Reading FC 2007/2008 Away Shirt
Reading FC 2007/2008 Away Kit

More news and images from the Reading FC site here.

And you can buy the Reading 07/08 away kit here.

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