Manchester City Away Kit 2007-08

Manchester City’s new away shirt has been out for a while and is pretty much a purple version of the Manchester City 07/08 home shirt, with the white pin stripes and white le Coq and Thomas Cook logos.

On the players the kit looks a lot better, But like the picture below when just laid out is not as flattering as when it is being worn, White shorts and purple socks compliment the top with purple change socks also available through some sites.

I think the reason the shirt is being criticised by most people, particularly Manchester United fans is because a) it has stripes, b) it is Manchester City and c) the large Thomas Cook logo. Like Blackburn’s bet24 logo, it really needs some cleaning up so it can go with the kit well and not look so large and bulky.

Overall, Not one of the better kits but it is an alright attempt and good on Le Coq for doing something a bit different with the pin-stripes and the purple.

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