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My how the introduction of the new technology has changed football! Unlike in the past where you had to either live in the country of origin to see your favourite club play on the telly or fly abroad to catch it in person, you can now be the fan of a club from anywhere in the world and can conceivably watch every match from the comfort of your own home — provided you have an internet connection and a link to watch games on your computer.

Yes, the internet has really changed the way we follow our club. With the introduction of Facebook and other social networking sites in recent years, fans can now also find a way to keep in contact with other followers of their clubs, and possibly meet some new ones along the way.

With the increase in social networking sites as a whole, it only seemed like a matter of time before football social networking sites came along. ExtraFootie is one of the new sites on the block trying to make their mark with the introduction of a networking site that allows fans to interact with football fanatics all over the world.

The website, while still in the Beta stages, has a lot to offer for those willing to invest time in the site. Aside from being able to interact with fellow fans, the website also offers you points incentives for doing certain things on the website.

Some of the ways to gain points includes getting articles published on the homepage, creating a profile and getting friends to sign-up for the site. Just make sure you don’t bash another supporter! You can lose points for being crass towards others. (But aren’t football fans rude by nature?)

The points you earn can then be redeemed for various prizes. At the moment, you can currently redeem points for trips to watch Real Madrid and Barcelona play for a mere 16,000 and 17,000 points. I’m sure the site will be adding cheaper and more attainable prizes in the near future!

ExtraFootie may be a website where you can upload videos, talk to fans and write articles. But if there’s one thing that separates it from the rest, it would have to be the rewards you get for being an active member of the community.

Aside from that, the site is very easy to use. There’s minimal fuss in the sign-up process, and the layout pretty much speaks for itself. If there’s one thing that I found to be really interesting when I perusing the site, it would have to be their transfer page. The page allows users to add transfer rumours they hear during the summer and winter, as well as confirmed moves and transfer fees.

Overall I think the site has a solid base to hang their hat on going forward. The minimal fuss and points reward system make ExtraFootie worth trying out in the near future.

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