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Budweiser Captures the Unique Emotion of the World Cup Draw



After months of eager anticipation, the World Cup draw was finally broadcast around the world, slowly filling football fans everywhere with contrasting feelings of hope and dread.


With the mainstream eye firmly fixed on the draw in Sao Paulo, Budweiser took the show to ground level; filming the immediate reactions of those who matter the most – the people.

In their quest to capture a deeper, more immersive look at fan culture and the effect of the draw, Budweiser travelled to five major cities across the world to host local community events for the long-awaited draw.

“I don’t want to be drawn against Spain, I don’t want to be drawn against Germany…” listed one concerned England fan, as the cameras arrived in London.

Unfortunately for him, no-one is afforded an easy ride at the World Cup finals; and Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica were agonisingly placed in Group D alongside England.

With the England fans expressing an almost traditional mixture of concern with underlying optimism in response, the draw continued; and the varying ways in which the five cultures reacted to such an important, intense event were captured by the intrepid Budweiser cameras across the globe.

“It’s going to be a great atmosphere in Brazil, and I couldn’t think of a better place to host the World Cup, other than England of course!” said one excited Londoner.

With the World Cup fast approaching, it will soon be time to purchase that new wide screen TV, position the chairs in an orderly circle, and break open the beers; with the greatest sporting event on Earth set to dominate the summer.


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