Help Football

This is part of our efforts to improve football. In this column we discuss the key issues facing football – using more technology, money in the game, diving / simulation, developing young players and football training in general, changes to rules (governing football and clubs) and a lot more.

Three things Pakistani football can learn from Euro 2012

The 2012 European Championships will kick off this summer in Poland and Ukraine. The Euro 2012 betting hugely favours Spain and Germany, but beyond...

English Football Finances – 1981 to 2011

Football finance has been a hot topic for several years now, and we often cite the influx of Sky money, the formation of the...

Kissing the badge – footballers delight and demonise themselves with their club loyalty

Above all else, in the passion of a competitive football match a player can show his dedication and love for his team by kissing...

Should football introduce the ‘Vanishing Spray’?

The 'vanishing spray' is used by the referee to mark 10 yards between the ball and the wall at free-kicks. This line is a...

The Curious Case of the Lost Moral Compass

Guest writer Jony Ball wonders why John Terry is getting special treatment when no other profession offers such protection to those who discriminate against fellow professionals.

The Arab Football Spring

The performances of the North African national football sides in 2011 have reflected the political actions of the Arab Spring. The failure of Egypt, the...

English Football Wages: 1984 to 2010

Football wages are a ridiculously easy target - whether it's the high wages paid by Chelsea and then Manchester City, the astronomical wage bills...

Just Play Football

If ever there is a time to push football it is when the dark nights draw in and the jackets go on. Push football?...

Hearts’ Thrashing Shows Financial Fair Play Is Misdirected

When Tottenham stepped off the pitch at Tynecastle, having subjected a Hearts team who finished in 3rd place in the SPL last season -...

The next step for Financial Fair Play

It is fact that the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" in European football grows evermore larger. Last season in the English...

Warner And Hammam: Guilty As Charged?

The BBC has obtained a document authored by the Carribean Football Union (CFU) detailing claims that Jack Warner had full knowledge of and participated...

Match fixing investigation threatens to rock Turkish football

60 people have been detained as part of a major investigation into alleged fixing within Turkish football. The chairman of current champions Fenerbahce is...