Help Football

This is part of our efforts to improve football. In this column we discuss the key issues facing football – using more technology, money in the game, diving / simulation, developing young players and football training in general, changes to rules (governing football and clubs) and a lot more.

FIFA Laws of the Game: Ambiguity, Uncertainty & Room For Interpretation

The Laws themselves are often vague or ambiguous, and allow a lot of room for interpretation

Soccer Is America’s Sport of Now

For more years than most of us would care to remember, soccer has been trumpeted as America’s “sport of the future.” The belief was...

How important is mental strength in modern football?

There are so many variables that can play their part in deciding whether an individual or team are a success or failure in modern...

Even the Aztecs struggled with linesmen, apparently

I would like to tell you a little story about a sport I discovered very recently.  It just goes to show that all sport...

The BBC’s Football Coverage Is Appalling

News broke yesterday of Lee Dixon’s departure from the BBC football punditry team. Now Dixon is by no means a great pundit. He wasn’t...

Ukraine coach denies his country is racist despite previous comments

When Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin was asked about racism in Ukraine during the Sweden v Ukraine pre-match news conference, he put down his headphones...

Football Injuries and Modern Footballers [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's the bane of a footballer's life. Not a salary cap, not kiss-and-tell scandals or even the dreaded, and eternally-blamed Credit Crunch (always a...

Green football – is it possible?

In the current climate of renewable energy and methods of preserving the planet's resources, it is a likely progression that the world's most popular...

10 Possible Football Stoners

Today, as you may or mayn't be aware, is 4/20 - The International Day of the Stoner. With that in mind, we thought we'd turn...

We Get What We Deserve With Football Punditry

Football is the biggest sport in the world. Its England’s national sport, beloved by millions and one of the few things, if not the...

Football and Cannabis – the truth about Marijuana and Football

April 20th (4-20) is Cannabis day. In that context, today we look at the relationship between the world's most popular sport (football) and the...

Football and Smoking: Past and Present

When you look at many of football’s top talents, both past and present, many of them were/are gifted athletes, blessed with natural gifts that...