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Footballers overcoming adversity to play the beautiful game

Despite the common trait of footballers being poor role models and lacking integrity, some players and their backgrounds can inspire you. The majority of...

The 12 most annoying football clichés

We all love talking about football, with the latest matches, transfers and events dominating the train of thought and sparking debate on a daily...

Furniture Footballers – Football’s All-Furniture XI

Furniture Footballers? senior writer Eddie Griffin looks at football names that sound like your average household furniture. One could fill a book or three...

Football’s Greatest War Heroes

With Remembrance Sunday having just occurred a few days ago, we reflect on the men who gave their lives to their countries as well...

Footballers and Cars

“No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the ancient knights fulfills a man's ego like an automobile.” - Sir William

Football Manager: Advanced Stats, Live Odds and Scouting+

Football Manager will be released on 21 October 20112 - here's a look at how Miles Jacobson and co. can make the game even...

Football Travel: Best European Cities To Watch Football In

You can travel to just about any different city throughout the European continent and your footballing experience will differ in one way or another. Here...

Manchester United Season Preview: Tactics, 20th League Title, Sneijder And More

Imagine that you're appointed manager of Manchester United tomorrow morning. The world is at your feet. You have (statistically speaking) the best team in...

The English Conundrum: Why Social Attitudes Hold Back England’s Tactical Evolution

England versus Switzerland. ITV's typical attempts to wrench a piece of excitement from a fixture which promised as little entertainment as one could ever...

The myth of Barca’s ‘beautiful game’

Barcelona’s foul play is hidden away in their exorbitantly high percentage of possession says Andy Simanowitz. FC Barcelona are widely regarded in football circles as...

Why FIFA cannot (and will not) tackle corruption

I was recently interviewed for a Polish newspaper as part of a feature on FIFA ahead of the 1 June elections. The Q&A is...

Saving The Beautiful Game: A Radical Revision of the Rules of Football

Nearly 25 years have passed since Diego Maradona scored the infamous “hand of God” goal that took England out of the World Cup in1986....