WATCH: Rugby League Players Dodge Loose Bull at Catalans Dragons Pre-Match Parade in Super League Game vs. St. Helens

catalans dragons bull
catalans dragons bull

A pre-match parade took an unexpected turn when a bull broke loose at a Catalans Dragons Super League rugby match against world champions St Helens. The incident occurred at the Stade Gilbert Brutus in Perpignan, where the players were warming up for their highly anticipated match. Luckily, the bull was swiftly recovered with no damage done, and the game proceeded as scheduled, resulting in a 24-12 victory for the Catalans Dragons.

Bull Breaks Free at Catalans Dragons Rugby League Pre-Game Parade

Catalans Dragons’ owner, Bernard Guasch, who is also the head of a local meat processing company, had organized the parade to showcase the quality of beef in the region. The event featured three prize-winning bulls and two cows from the Gascon breed, which were scheduled to perform a lap of honor during the warm-up session against St. Helens, the Super League favorites according to sportsbooks.

However, chaos ensued when one of the bulls managed to break free from its handler, who was dragged across the turf before losing his grip.

Players, caught off guard by the charging bull, quickly scattered in different directions to seek safety. Some even leaped over advertising boards and jumped into the stands to avoid the unpredictable animal. The incident, captured on video, showed the bull galloping towards the posts while players made their hasty escapes.

Handlers Get Bull Under Control Avoiding Any Injuries

Despite the initial panic, the situation was brought under control as the bull remained calm and eventually ventured back to its fellow bovines in the stadium. Handlers then managed to secure the animal without any further complications.

In the end, the bull’s surprise appearance didn’t deter the Catalans Dragons from securing a 24-12 win against the reigning world champions, St Helens. The victory marked the end of the Dragons’ three-game winless streak and a memorable match for all in attendance.

The Dragons are now +1000 to win this year’s Super League. Meanwhile, St. Helens can be backed at +200.

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