The new Umbro SX Flare – A boot to Newcastle’s rescue, and England’s Renaissance?

SX Valor

Following on from the launch of the SX Flare boot, Umbro have now released an ‘England’ edition of the SX Flare and SX Valor. If you watch the television closely tonight, you’ll see John Terry wearing the Valor and Michael Owen wearing the Flare, as England take on France in the Stade de France in Paris.

Will ‘the perfect boot for today’s fast paced game’ keep France out at one end and score the goals for England at the other? We’ll have to wait and see.

I have not approached John Terry for a quote about the boots as he would no doubt claim to be busy!


Football boot manufacturers Umbro have launched a brand new boot. The SX Flare is described by the manufacturers as “The perfect boot for today’s fast paced game”.

Top stars who are wearing the boot include Newcastle and England striker Michael Owen, Everton and Australia star Tim Cahill and Rangers and Scotland captain Barry Ferguson.

Umbro tell us that the boot has been designed using innovative Michelin technology. I thought about writing that the players will have to tread carefully and avoid getting too tyred, but decided against it!

The boot, which retails at £99.99, is designed with speed, control, comfort and safety in mind. It’s sleek appearance will no doubt have kids from all over the world turning to their poor suffering fathers and saying, “I want a pair of those.”

Now, let’s get one thing clear right from the start. I don’t include football boot design technology as a strong point on my CV. I can only pass on what the experts at Umbro have told me. All I can say is that it sounded good to me!

With pace becoming an increasingly important aspect of the modern game, this boot has been designed with what is called an ‘advanced sprint fit.’ In effect this means that the wearer is automatically positioned more on their toes. This, together with the light wight material used, will aid acceleration.

The control and comfort aspects of the boot are taken care of due to the water-resistant, ultra-soft high grade leather used in the manufacture. Keeping the wearer’s feet dry is a major aid to comfort. In terms of control, that is where the Michelin technology comes into play. It is claimed that this technology greatly enhances the touch and feel for the ball.

With the modern football disease of metatarsal injuries to the fore, Umbro have looked at the safety aspect and have included a TPU heel counter and an outsole with glass fibre rigigity shank (No I don’t know what that is either!) which keep the wearers foot stable and protected.

The main selling points being raised by Umbro are

Touch Control – enhanced physical contact for comfort, feel and grip
Impact Control – provides protection from opponents and the elements
Motion Control – enhances superior movement and provides stability

Maybe this is just the tonic Kevin Keegan has been looking for. If Michael Owen can start to score goals with his feet again with wearing these new boots, then King Kev will owe Umbro a lot. Let’s not forget that Michael has scored four goals this season, all with his head. Maybe this is the turning point?

I tried to see what Michael Owen himself thought, but I was told that he was ‘a little busy’.

Does he know who I am? 🙂

Umbro SX Flare Images

Umbro SX Flare – 1
Umbro SX Flare – 2
Umbro SX Flare – 3
Umbro SX Flare – 4

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