Phoenix International Airport Expecting Huge Influx Of Passengers This Weekend

Sky Harbor
Sky Harbor

With Super Bowl weekend just around the corner, Phoenix International Airport, commonly known as Sky Harbor has been preparing for the event, and are expecting up to 4000 takeoffs and landings. 

To keep up with the demand of the huge influx of passengers expected, the airport has already increased the number of customer service staff and TSA officers working.

“We are anticipating 180,000 passengers on just the Monday after the Super Bowl,” Sky Harbor Spokesperson Joanna Guzman told the media.

They’re also expecting somewhere between 5000-6000 taxis, Ubers and Lyfts to transport people to and from the airport over the next week or so.

The airport is suggesting passengers arrive early and take advantage of certain tools available to combat busy wait times etc.

“You can go to and reserve your spot in TSA and that will basically decrease your wait time,” Guzman also said.

The airport’s Navigator volunteers will also have an increased presence on site, answering questions about the airport from travelers. They’ll also be joined by Super Bowl volunteers who will answer questions about the game.

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