Perhaps Not Enough International Football

FCBNews blogger Nig recently posted an article stating that he thinks there should be less international play, because it affects many clubs in Europe and it generally isn’t the same quality of play that you would see in a game between EPL heavyweights Manchester United and Liverpool, or La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

However, as an American, I see international play differently. I look at it as not as an encroachment on my favorite clunb team, but an opportunity for players to represent their countries.

In the US, international games are not seen as a problem for 2 reasons. One, because international games only really affect a handful of teams, as most of our players play in Europe and not MLS. The second reason is because as Americans, we root for a national team that has done a lot of losing over the years, and to me, each time our guys suit up in the red, white, and blue, it represents another chance of moving towards our ultimate goal, which is winning the World Cup. Every game is a chance to try something new, give a new player a chance, and hopefully, find something that can help get us to where we need to be in 2010 and beyond.

So play more games. Play as many as the schedule will allow. Its great to see the players represent their clubs and win trophies with them, but even the players will tell you, the ultimate goal is to win the World Cup, and you can only do that with your country.

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