New York Jets Now Team With Longest Streak Of No Playoffs

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The Sacramento Kings made waves around the basketball world last night by securing their first playoff berth in 17 seasons. While it takes a weight off of their shoulders, it places it on a new one, and that team is now the NFL’s New York Jets.

For a while, the Seattle Mariners held the distinction of having missed the postseason in the most consecutive years amongst North American sports teams. The M’s spent a full two decades away from the playoffs, with their unfortunate streak beginning in 2001 and ending just last year.

New York Jets Have Missed Playoffs 12 Straight Years

Once the Mariners clinched, it was the Kings who now had the designation of the longest streak. It can be argued that having the streak in the NBA is more “impressive” given the amount of teams that qualify for the playoffs each season versus the amount that MLB puts in. Sacramento went 16 years without an appearance in a league in which nearly half of the teams make it each season, and was a true display of futility.

But now that the Kings have broken the curse, which North American sports team is up next?

The Jets now hold that distinct honor. New York has been consistently one of the least-talented teams in the league over the last decade, and their current postseason-less streak stands at 12 years.

During that time, the Jets have finished with a winning record just once, with an overall record of 70-124. New York hasn’t won more than 7 games in a season in eight years.

Jets Could Become Contenders With Rodgers

Will their streak be extended any further? The New York Jets have one of their youngest and most talented rosters that they’ve had since the streak began, and started off last season with some serious promise before fizzling out.

But help could be on the way, as the teams and league as whole are still waiting for the Aaron Rodgers situation to play itself out. Should the Jets add the former MVP quarterback, they would not only be likely to snap their unfortunate streak, but would become serious contenders for a Super Bowl.

The Kings held on to the distinction for just one season after the Mariners broke their streak. Could the Jets be as quick in getting rid of the weight that sits on their shoulders?

We patiently await the Rodgers situation.

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