Liverpool 08/10 Home Kit + Free Torres Shirt

The Liverpool 2008/2010 Home Shirt is now available for pre-order. The shirt will be launched on 22nd May and as with all things Liverpool they are bound to be a sell-out so get your order in as quickly as possible to ensure that you get your hands on the new 08/10 Liverpool home kit first.

And as an added incentive, with every pre-order of the new Liverpool home kit you will also get a free Torres shirt for being smart enough to order ahead of time.

Here’s the shirt itself:

Liverpool 08/09 Home Shirt

Pre-order your Liverpool home shirt now.

I’m not a fan of the red and white pattern inside the shirt on the back but other than that it’s simple, traditional and the collar isn’t half-bad either.

So here you go – pre-order Liverpool’s next season’s home kit and book your El Nino tee as well.

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