Kissing the badge – footballers delight and demonise themselves with their club loyalty

Above all else, in the passion of a competitive football match a player can show his dedication and love for his team by kissing the badge on his jersey. We have seen it on countless occasions – a player scores a winning goal and runs towards his adoring fans kissing the club crest; he is now a hero in the eyes of the celebrating supporters.

However, many footballers have no regard for their former loves, cast aside like yesterday’s news. Many a player has one season kissed the crest of a specific club, only to sign for their rivals the next year.

From Cesc Fabregas breaking Arsenal fans’ hearts by leaving the club a legend and kissing the Barcelona badge, his one true love, on signing for them in the summer of 2011, to Ravel Morrison kissing the United badge before turning down a contract to join West Ham.

Sol Campbell, who most Spurs fans would have lay down in traffic for, kissed the cockerel and was the darling of White Hart Lane only to leave the club on a free transfer. And join Arsenal.

The list is endless, but here are some of the most blatant, shameless, heart-wrenching and tear-inducing badge kisses of recent times:

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