John O’Shea’s Concave Boots

Manchester United defender John O’Shea started wearing these new football shoes during training and matches. That is due to the two year sponsorship agreement he signed to wear the 2009 Concave boots during practice sessions and other self-directed trials. His public debut wearing the Concave PT + was on 8th November, 2009 against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Concave boots were first launched in autumn last year as a result of several years of research and development in the technology involved in football shoes. Just as the footwear company was introducing its much broader product line in the specialty shops and online across the USA and UK – and soon worldwide, O’Shea joined up to be part of what could bring about a revolution in the footballer’s footwear.

John O’Shea talks about the new shoes:

“As a professional football player it is crucial that I wear a boot that can help maximize my performance on the pitch. I believe Concave is the next big thing in football, the boots are unique in design and offer exclusive technology which hasn’t been seen before. The boots offer me increased protection and confidence, and I hope to be wearing Concave for the rest of my career.”


CEO at Concave, Jim Grimes said:

“It is a great pleasure to welcome John O’Shea to our line-up. In fact, we are thrilled when someone of John’s stature believes in our product they way we do.”

“It is well known that John has earned the respect of his teammates, coach, and football fanatics around the globe. John’s hallmarks are his enduring passion for the sport and his commitment to excellence. Those qualities are the bedrock of our company culture.”

Enough of how great the new technology is, lets see what and where the technology is applied and how can it help the players.

  • Large sweet spot – four times larger than the sweet spot on other boot on the market, the Concave design conforms to the shape of the ball to increase accuracy, power and control, and reduce errors. The concave shape matches the circumference of a size 5 FIFA ball exactly
  • Shank Balance Stabilizer – provides support for the mid-foot area to help control balance between the front and rear of the foot
  • Lightweight two part injected TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer) in the foot-bed spreads the pressure put onto any one point in the foot, protecting against injuries caused by turning quickly, or contact injuries
  • MetaGuard – provides protection to the top of the foot and will appeal to the safety conscious customer and parent
  • Sole plate – adapted for the different outsoles to avoid pressure on the key points of the forefoot

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