Great Britain FC and London 2012

So it is final – FIFA have announced that a football team from Great Britain will appear in the Olympic games at London 2012. Even if the Welsh FA, the Northern Irish FA, and the Scottish FA don’t want to happen it will; even if it means that only English players, coaches and the like compete.

I was dead against a Team GBFC from the start and I will tell you why? The media. The media had me believe that the big bad French authorities at FIFA and UEFA would take our home nations and form them as one football nation Great Britain. I had to make a stand I signed petitions joined activist groups on the Internet and for what? Listening to Blatter and Platini in particular they have promised not to fuse the teams for international matches and that this is a one off for the Olympics in London.

But I now believe that this could be fantastic, this could be like the Rugby Union we have the SRU and the British Lions. We will have the SFA and team GBFC for the Olympics. It works for the rugby why can’t it work for the football? I see no reason, and as it is going to happen we should embrace it if not we risk losing out. Scotland has a U21 rule to develop its youngsters and this is the place to show the rest of the world that we are bringing good prospects through the ranks.

Picture this, a product of Murray Park’s youth team taking to the field for Great Britain at London 2012. It would make my day. I will get behind the lads whoever they may be like I do the for the rest of Team GB, will you?

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