Forum roundup: Manchester United and Arsenal, all the new kits and free transfers

As you guys know, the SL forum launched yesterday. Already there are a few interesting threads popping up, here’s a quick look:

We already cover most of the Prem kits here on SL, but for a sneak peak at the new kits from other European clubs, hit this thread.

Who will challenge for the top four next season? The usual suspects are Tottenham and Newcastle, but there’s plenty of room to disagree.

At the end of the 2006/2007 season there were over 5 dozen players without a club – could your team use one of them?

Possible Man Utd strikers? There’s a fantastic discussion going on over this here. Personally I think we won’t go for a striker unless it’s Tevez, Villa or Berbatov, and it doesn’t look like we have that sort of money.

How will Arsenal replace Henry? Through Dudu, perhaps, but will he be enough?

See you in the forums.

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