Concave Boots – hit it longer, faster and on target

Will these boots change the way football shoes are designed?

In just a matter of weeks, the UK will see the eagerly awaited worldwide launch of Concave, a revolutionary new generation of football boot which, it is claimed, will change the face of the sport forever.

Boasting a brand new patented technology, Concave is set to take football to the next level and combines the most effective ever ‘sweet spot’ with a unique system for protecting Britain’s very own Achilles – the metatarsal.

Designed by a team of fanatical players and sports scientists, Concave is being launched following eight years of research and development into how to achieve the perfect kick.

The Concave football boot is unique in its design, as it naturally complements the convex shape of a football. The heart of the boot is this revolutionary concave, ball hugging design, which increases the surface area of the ‘sweet spot’ by up to four times, meaning up to 30% more accuracy and 15% more power. *

Independent tests* have proven that the Concave boot increases accuracy by 30% and power by 15%; over an 18m distance, the ball travels 15km an hour faster. This means players can achieve a greater distance and accuracy in both passing and shooting on a more consistent basis – the aim of every footballer.

Combining performance with safety, the Concave boots are designed to protect the foot, and particularly the metatarsal bone, whilst still providing a lightweight and comfortable fit. The boots include two unique features, a Shank Balance Stabilizer (SBS) and MetaGuard, both of which have been specifically developed to protect against the occurrence of metatarsal injuries.

The SBS provides support and reinforcement to the mid-foot area to help control balance between the front and rear of the foot, protecting from an over extension of the middle of the boot – too much flexibility in this area is a common cause of metatarsal bone damage. The MetaGuard, meanwhile, is Concave’s unique upper design, which is made of a patented flexible layer of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers) and reinforced cushioning foam composite, which adds a protective layer to the top of the foot to further protect the delicate metatarsal bone.

Football legends and players throughout the game have been amazed by the capabilities and potential of the Concave boots, as Kenny Dalglish comments: “The Concave boot is truly revolutionary. Players at all levels could gain immediate benefits with regard to kicking and general ball control through its simple design. The Concave football boot will have a profound impact on the game of football worldwide.”

Concave CEO, Jim Grimes, comments, “With this boot, every player, from child to pro, can up their game. Better, faster and safer football was our goal.” The Concave team has played with the boot in all its stages as it was developed and is now challenging footballers in the UK to see the difference it can make.

The Concave boot will be priced at £99 and be available in sizes 6-12. The new boot is stocked in selected JJB Sports stores and online at To find your nearest stockist call 0871 6412529 or log onto

* Independent testing (both machine testing and human testing) of the football boot has been conducted by Invetech Pty Ltd. and Monash University, both in Australia.

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