Are today’s football boots ‘too safe’?

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Former Liverpool player and current football boot designer, Craig Johnston, has had a lot to say recently about manufacturing standards for today’s football boots.

Craig Johnston along with Simon Skirrow (now owner of Nomis) designed the adidas Predator, so when it comes to talking about what makes for a good football boot, Johnston knows his business.

And while speaking about football boots and football injuries, Johnston had this to say:

“A lot of players have been injured over the last four or five years because of their equipment and because of the quality of the pitches.”

“There’s been David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and even Michael Owen, just to name three.”

“People say that the boots don’t provide enough protection. In fact the opposite is true. The problem is that the boots are so well made there is no give at all in the materials – especially the cheaper synthetics.”

“The pitches are now so well maintained and even woven with synthetic materials that the players’ studs engage like they should do but they don’t release enough, causing injury.”

“Also, the studs are far too long and give far too much grip.”

“Something has to give and in this day and age it is the ligaments and the metatarsals that are giving way – not the boots, the studs or the grass of the new-generation pitches.”

“I would make a call to the big brands and manufacturers and just say to them: please, for the safety and well-being of all footballers of all abilities, put a bit of research and development money behind the concept of stud release.”

Is the drive to create cheaper football boots (using synthetic products) creating a situation where football boots are being built for profits and not with player safety in mind?

Do you think the football boots made today have enough ‘give’ in them? Do the studs need to be shorter? Or is Johnston just talking the good talk to build up attention for his own work?

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