Top Secret Adidas 2014 World Cup Boots and Kits


The new Adidas collection press preview came to London this week, with Soccerlens granted exclusive access to some of the hottest upcoming lines from the brand, including a sneak peek at some of the most eagerly anticipated World Cup boots for this summer’s showpiece event.


Held in Covent Garden in the West End, the Adidas London headquarters opened its doors in Willy Wonka fashion, with two floors of produce proudly shown to the press in an afternoon hot with excitement.

Pushing to the front of the queue for the World Cup floor, we were greeted by a number of international kits in the main foyer. Adidas are providing the World Cup attire for Germany, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Russia, and Argentina this summer, and they were shown in all their glory here.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a shot of the Mexico kit, but you can see the others up close below.

World Cup kits Adidas

While the kits have already been unveiled to the public, it was still a pleasure to get up close and personal with them, all of which were accompanied by the new ‘Brazuca’ World Cup ball.

Adidas’ latest creation was officially revealed this week in a lavish ceremony in Brazil, with Soccerlens lucky enough to secure a replica on the press trip in London.

Adidas.Brazuca.2014.World.Cup.Ball (1)

The main attraction was clearly the ‘Adidas Battle Pack’ boot collection however, with Soccerlens sadly obliged to sign a waiver to prevent us from taking photographs, with the footwear still currently under an embargo.

We can say that there are five designs produced by the Adidas team, featuring the very latest technology in footwear. A number of star players will be donning the exciting pieces this summer, with Adidas looking to stand out at the showpiece event in South America.


Yamamoto and Adidas’ joint ‘Y-3’ venture also revealed a summer clothing collection in anticipation of the upcoming World Cup, with a number of items styled with 50’s iconography, and taking inspiration from the spirit of sportsmanship, to be released this May. Check out their limited edition black leather ball below:


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