10 Tips For Buying The Perfect Football Shoes

Football boots are fast becoming more than just a basic necessity for the game, with ever changing styles and breakthroughs in latest technology.

The old brown lace-up boots have come a long way with brands such as Nike and Adidas putting out boots worn by global superstars – in all colours, shapes and other innovations.

So which football shoes should you buy?

Here are 10 tips for buying the perfect football shoes – for you:

1. Comfort is a must. If you don’t feel comfortable in a boot then how can you possibly play at your peak?

2. Set a price barrier. We’ve all had the “but for that tiny bit more I can get that…” moments, If you want to spend just 60 pounds, so be it. Don’t be put off by salesmen whatsoever.

3. Looks matter. Be honest, whether you’re the hardest and most unpretentious footballer on the park or the team’s ‘twinkle toes’, everybody does like a good looking boot whether it be a Nike Mercurial Vapour, Adidas Predator or Puma Speed Boots, knowing you look the part can be as good as wearing comfy boots.

4. Don’t get a size too big to “grow into”, all that will end up happening is that you will be unable to kick or run as well as you could with a good fitting boot. You may be saving money, but you will also be saving your best game.

5. Big brands sometimes don’t have the right football shoes for you. Because Adidas/Puma/Nike/Umbro do the majority of the advertising it may seem that they’re the only ones making good boots, but lesser-known brands like Nomis can make very good shoes as well (and sometimes doing better than the big brands). Classics like Diadora and more could be your boot more so than a larger known boot.

6. Shop Around. It can always pay to shop around to get the best prices and range of options. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve been completely ripped off or you settled for the wrong Puma boot when you wanted a pair of Umbros all along..

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to annoy the salesman, if you have to go through 25 boxes, do it, After all the customer is always right!

7. Try before you buy. It might seem obvious but I know guys who haven’t even tried on their boots before purchasing them. If they have football socks, use them too.

8. Don’t get a pair of boots because Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing them or Ronaldinho designed them. Yes they could be a good boot for you, but then again there’s the chance they will not be good for you. Don’t let marketing ploys make the decision on what YOU will wear for 90 minutes (at least) a week.

9. Try avoiding buying your footwear online, it may be cheaper and just what you want but the sizing could be wrong or it looked different to the pictures you have seen. Even if it means waiting and looking around, it could be more beneficial for you to buy in person. If you must buy online, be 100% sure that you’re getting the right size (check size charts, confirm differences between US / UK sizes, talk to customer support if necessary).

10. If you need to spend the cash, spend it. I recently bought a pair of the classic Adidas Copa Mundials, they are extremely comfortable and have a classic low-cut look. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a piece of football gear, but it has all been completely worth it. Spoil yourself for the right reasons.

There you go – 10 things to go by the next you buy football shoes. Hope this helps you, and if you have any more advice let us know in the comments below.

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