Soccerlens Terms of Use

If you are using, you should know a few things, such as:

  • Terms of usage
  • Content disclaimer
  • How we can communicate with you
  • Advertising on the site
  • How your personal information is collected and used

1. Terms of Use

Since we haven’t invested in a lawyer, our terms of use can be summarised into 4 simple points:

  1. Do not use any material from the site (especially text and rss feeds) without clear attribution.
  2. Soccerlens reserves the right to terminate your ‘registration’ (as author, and as site member) if you do not comply with the terms listed in this document or if you don’t follow the comments policy.
  3. Just because you don’t know what’s in the (specifically the comments policy) does not mean that you can get away with abusing other readers on this site.
  4. Your personal information is secure with us – we have no intention of undermining your confidence by selling it or spamming you. However we may use it to contact you time and again regarding matters related to Soccerlens.

2. Content Disclaimer

The views expressed in the articles and comments on Soccerlens are held by their writers and are not owned or expressed by Soccerlens itself.

Soccerlens may, from time to time, present articles / content that would be considered offensive to some. It is difficult in a sports site to draw a line between opinion and outright libel – as such, Soccerlens also reserves the sole right to determine what is and what is not acceptable as content on the site.

3. Communication

If you provide your email address on Soccerlens (in a comment or through registering on Soccerlens), note that we may (and probably will) send you email.

This includes (but is not limited to) on updates related to Soccerlens, requests for information, discussions on articles you’ve written / comments you’ve made and opportunities for improved partnerships with Soccerlens.

4. Advertising

Currently, Soccerlens uses Google Adsense as advertising. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for the content of the sites you will arrive at after clicking on those links – being ‘automated’, it is not possible to manually screen every site whose link appears in AdSense ads.

5. Personal Information

There are three ways your personal information may be collected on Soccerlens – through traffic logs and information you provide yourself.

Traffic Logs

Traffic tracking usually involves recording a user’s IP address (which can be used to determine geographical location), browser type, OS type and screen resolution, as well as which pages you visit / which links you click.

This information is usually collected to analyse content usage patterns on Soccerlens – how much traffic the site gets, which pages get the most traffic, where are visitors coming from, which is the most popular browser / screen resolution, whether advertising is attracting attention or not and other similar outcomes.

This information cannot be directly used to identify you unless you provide personal information (as shown in the next section).

Your Personal Information

You provide personal information when you comment on the site (name, email and site URL (which is optional)). You also provide personal information (name and email) when you register on Soccerlens. In addition, you may choose to provide additional information when you post a comment or write on the site.

One, we do not intend to share your personal information with anyone, under any pretext or rationale. Two, information you provide may be used to contact you (see next section on Communication). Third, we may choose to censor any additional information that you provide if we feel it will be a problem.

Ultimately, you are responsible for any extra information that you provide on the site. From our end, we will do everything we can do to protect your privacy.

The above points are binding on all site users, one-time or regular.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact us.

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