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If you do not see your comment immediately, give us some time – it’s either stuck in the moderation queue or in the spam filter – we process both regularly, so there is no need to resubmit your comment.

If your comment does not appear on the site for more than 24 hours, it has probably been deleted. The only reason this will happen is if your comment:

  • is deemed overly offensive to other members (calling someone wrong is fine, calling them a cunt is not fine)
  • contains extensive abusive language (saying fuck is OK, making sentences using only cunt / fuck / dick-head is not ok)
  • puts down the article without offering any substantial criticism (telling me why I’m stupid is ok (or even where I’ve gone wrong), saying I’m stupid WITHOUT telling me why is not OK (tell me why, and I might even agree with you)

If your comment is excessively abusive and personal, it will be removed even if your opinion is valid – some civility is required, and you can make your point without insulting others (or the people you are talking about).

In general, I’d ask you to be civil towards other members and refrain from obscene remarks. If your only thought is “this sucks”, try thinking for another minute and see if you can tell me WHY it sucks.

I’m not going to censor comments because you swear in them, as long as you’ve got something worthwhile to say.

And that’s the key – have something valuable to say (and it will help you can be respectful).

If you have questions on this matter, talk to me about it.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Ahmed Bilal, Soccerlens Editor

Ahmed Bilal created Sportslens in 2006. He is a business consultant and entrepreneur who helps businesses identify and overcome their biggest challenges. He’s also the founder of Football Media, an online advertising agency that specialises in sports and male audience targeting, with a monthly reach of 100m+ sports fans in the UK and US. He’s also the previous owner of Soccerlens.com – a sports news site that reaches 3m+ readers / month.