World Cup Podcast

The World Cup Podcast is a special segment of the Soccerlens Podcast that will run throughout the 2010 World Cup, with new shows airing at least 3 times a week.

If you’re already subscribed to the Soccerlens Podcast, the World Cup Podcast will be directly delivered to you via ITunes / RSS. If you haven’t subscribed yet, this is the best time to do so! The World Cup show is a super-simple way to keep track of what’s happening in South Africa 2010 through short, information-packed podcast updates.

The World Cup Podcast is hosted by former Arsenal player Adrian Clarke and esteemed journalist Iain Spragg, where the duo debate all the hottest world cup topics with their own unique style of banter, make spot on (or otherwise!) predictions for upcoming matches, while also providing insightful interviews with a whole host of leading football experts. This is quite simply the best world cup football podcast available anywhere on the web.

Make sure you send in your feedback and questions through [email protected] and Clarke and Spragg will feature the best of them in the next show.

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World Cup Podcasts Archive

Episode 1: Previews And Predictions, Shakira And Martin Keown Interview (10 June, 2010)

Episode 2: Green And Capello Madness, Podolski Power And Ronaldo (14 June, 2010)

Episode 3: Reasons for cheer, Robinho’s revival, plus Kick and Rush England (16 June, 2010)

Episode 4: England Fever, French Flops And Maradona Magic (18 June, 2010)

Episode 5: French revolt, JT’s gamble and South American dominance (21 June, 2010)

Episode 6: Foreign gaffers, Uruguay’s prospects and Yakubu howler (23 June, 2010)

Episode 7: England v Germany, the Art of Man Marking and Honda heroics (25 June, 2010)

Episode 8: A painful England post mortem (28 June, 2010)

Episode 9: What’s your Team of the tournament (so far)? (30 June, 2010)

Episode 10: Quarter-Final previews and why politics has no place in football (02 July 2010)

Episode 11: Penalty Goals, German Genius and Dunga exit (05 July 2010)

Episode 12: Semi-final review, Statues, U-turns and Schweinsteiger Conga (08 July 2010)

Episode 13: Premier League transfer targets, Holland-Spain, Heroes and Villains (09 July 2010)

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