Review: Warrior Skreamer Pro Football Boots

Warrior Skreamer Pro
Warrior Skreamer Pro
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The Warrior Skreamer Pro boot is one of the most complete football boots currently on the market.

The weight and feel of this boot is superb. You will notice how light the boot feels as soon as you take it out of the box and this is one of its main features. The lightness has been enabled by super-light microfiber technology.

Review: Warrior Skreamer Pro Football Boots

The lightness of the boot also enhances your control. I found it remarkable how easy it was to control the ball while wearing these and the extra friction placed over the soul of your foot makes passing easier and more precise.

Small, almost triangular, plastic moulds have been placed where you strike the ball which allows you to get more action on the ball when taking shots. I noticed when you hit the ball with the sweet spot of this boot it really pings towards goal or the player you’re passing to.

One of the first features you will notice is that this boot has a lot of lacing, much more than many other boots available. What this allows you to do is strap the boot tightly to your foot.

This may sound like an obvious feature but it helps the boot to almost merge onto your foot which is important for control.

The plastic bladed boot, which I tried, is perfectly suited to summer play when the ground is a little softer. They’re not great for winter play so a metal studded version would be much better for the harder ground in January and February.

This isn’t a major factor as the plastic blades work fine in a well kept winter pitch but if you’re playing on a harder park like surface then you certainly notice your heel and ankles taking a lot of punishment.

The heel and base of the boot have been reinforced which gives you support and protection, meaning you just have to focus on your play. Occasionally you’ll get clipped down the heel by another player and you won’t feel a thing.

I found it very easy to plant my feet quickly and change direction when I needed to. There was a little bit of pressure going through each heel and calf but the boots provide enough protection to make this barely noticeable. The reinforced base also allows you to get away and accelerate quickly.

One of the features I hadn’t come across before was the insertion of two holes in the softer part of the boot at the top of the heel. These were superb in terms of making quick adjustments during play which you will need to when you wear the boots for the first time and get used to them.

This is a very decent boot with a wide variety of features which are worth paying the money for alone. There’s a slight lack of protection across the top and sides of the boot but if you’re looking for something which allows you to focus on your game, this does the job.

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