Vote on the 2010 Soccerlens Awards

After three weeks of sifting through hundreds (and thousands) of nominations for the 2010 Soccerlens Awards, we’re proud to announce that the shortlists have been decided and the Awards are now ready for your votes.

You can head over to the Soccerlens Awards website (or just click on the individual award category links below) and vote for your favourite football sites and writers.

The 2010 Soccerlens Awards are brought to you in partnership with Castrol Football, sponsors of the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championships. Castrol have also created an objective, stats-based ranking system for footballers to establish who the highest performing footballers are in the last 12 months. You can see the rankings in action on the right (in the sidebar), and also on the Castrol Football Rankings website.


The Soccerlens Awards:


Best Football Website: The best of the best, no exceptions and no restrictions. The only award where every single football website is eligible for nomination and voting.

Best New Football Website: That outstanding football website who, despite only launching in the past year, has made an instant impact on the online football community. Always a popular category amongst bloggers, the site must have started in 2010.

Most Entertaining Football Website: The drama of football can be too much for the most hardened of us, but those in this category do their part to keep us entertained through the highs and lows of a long season.

Best Football Gear Website: We’ve broadened the category this year to include all sites devoted to football gear whether they’re selling products, writing reviews, or simply drooling over them. If it’s devoted to football gear, it belongs in here.

Best Football Videos Website: The Best Football Videos Website award is – as the name suggests – given to the best resource dedicated to football videos, and football videos only. The ultimate time waster.

Best Club Fansite: This award celebrates those websites dedicated to a single club.

Best Football Podcast: The best online ’show’ in football – radio or video. More than any other SLA category, the competition for this award gets better and better every year as production values and on-air talent keep improving.

Best Football Blogger: Whether they run the whole show on their own or are an invaluable part of a team, they stand out among all others.

Best Football Journalist: There are some journalists who struggle mightily with the transition to the online world, but we want to give kudos to those who remind us just how powerful quality journalism can be from breaking stories to expert analysis.

Best Niche Website: This award is for those websites who endeavour to stay away from what the masses are doing and give the football world something unique.

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