Texas HC Steve Sarkisian’s Foul-Mouthed Tirade at Alamo Bowl Assistant Leads to Calls for Longhorns to Fire Him

steve sarkisian alamo bowl
steve sarkisian alamo bowl

A video emerged on Friday of Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian losing his mind on a production assistant at the Alamo Bowl. The assistant appears to ask to Sarkisian to hold on for a little while before letting his Longhorns run onto the field. He puts out his hand and places it on Sarkisian’s chest as the assistant appears to await instructions on when to let the team go. However, Sarkisian was not happy with that. “Don’t f**king touch me again, motherf**ker. Get your f**king hands off me,” the Texas head coach appears to say aggressively. It has led to calls from some fans to fire Sarkisian.

Sarkisian Involved in Another Profanity-Laced Rant

Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian is certainly no stranger to controversy, and he seems to have found some again. Sarkisian, who was fired from his previous head coaching role at USC after giving another profanity laden speech to boosters while he appeared to be intoxicated. There were also reports that he had coached games and practices while intoxicated.

Now, he’s back using his old vocabulary, but this time it is aimed aggressively at a production assistant at the Alamo Bowl.

“Don’t f**king touch me again, motherf**ker. Get your f**king hands off me,” Sarkisian appears to yell at the assistant after the assistant stops him from entering the field.

It is not a pretty sight, and some college football fans are now calling for the coach’s head.

A day later, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was involved in a similar situation and showed how a normal human being handles it.

Sarkisian’s record at Texas is a disappointing 13-12 in his first two seasons. Putting himself under a microscope like this with his record is probably not advisable. However, Texas has other head coaching issues to deal with. Basketball coach Chris Beard is currently suspended as he was recently arrested for assault by strangulation/suffocation.

What seems to be a culture issue at Texas could lead to recruiting issues in the future, which is another reason Sarkisian’s job may be under scrutiny. Despite landing the number one player, Arch Manning in the 2023 class, parents of recruits in future classes could look at what is happening at the coaching level at Texas and decide their children belong elsewhere. It gives recruiters from other schools some ammunition at the very least.

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