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PES 2010 – Top 5 Wish List

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I’m sure you will all agree with me when I pronounce that the last two versions of Pro Evolution Soccer have failed to live up to expectations. EA Sports stepped up the game with FIFA 08 and 09 and arguably stole the mantle of the leading football game on the market right from under Konami’s grasp.

I produced a similar wish list for Football Manager 2010 and incase Mr Takatsuka is struggling for some inspiration for PES 2010, here’s a list of improvements I’d like to see in the forthcoming PES.

1. Improve online mode

Would it be harsh to say PES 2009’s online mode was utterly shambolic? To be honest I don’t believe it would be. I personally own a PS3 version of the game and what with the build up of lag, an inability to play with two players over the internet and also the laborious process of actually getting to a match room, there was certainly much to be desired. It got to the extent that I just gave up with playing online but if Konami can iron out a few of the said issues I would be happy to return to the lobby, as it were.

2. More licenses

It was great to have the new Champions League mode incorporated into PES 2009 but what happened to the licenses? We still had to play with the likes of London FC which is incredibly annoying especially as, dare I say it, FIFA has that inexhaustible array of fully licensed teams to tempt our allegiance. Hopefully atleast the crème de la crème of European football will again be licensed this time around but while EA holds the rights to these various licenses, expect to be playing at the Bristol Mary Stadium as North London take on Vall Violeta (that’s Arsenal vs Villarreal to you and I).

3. Make defending corners…defendable!

I don’t know about you but I am almost always left to rue conceding a corner as the resulting delivery either inevitably ends up in the back of the net or atleast ends up with the opposition having an attempt at goal. No matter what I do I can’t seem to stem the tide and nine times out of ten I come out defeated in any aerial duel. That’s not because I am woeful at defending either and I hope I will have support on this one. Although that point aside, if I do manage to atleast half clear my lines, the ball will always end up at the feet of an opponent who is free to drive towards my 18-yard-box and get a shot in. Surely this needs addressing Konami!

4. Better goalkeepers

In my opinion the goalkeepers in PES 2009 are shocking! They parry near enough every shot on goal and the rebound usually falls to an attacker who is left with a simple finish. Most of the efforts on goal are pretty tame too and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got Buffon or Casillas between the sticks, they will inevitably look for the camera save.

5. Better Commentary

Now I’ve got no problem with Mark Lawrenson and Jon Champion, ofcourse they will struggle to rival FIFA’s duo of Andy Gray and Martin Tyler, but if I hear ‘this will end in disappointment for one party, an inner party for the other’ at the kick-off one more time I swear I’m going to snap the disk! The repetitive nature of the commentary really is terrible and hopefully Konami will be aware of this and adapt their scripts accordingly.

How do you think PES should improve in its 2010 version?

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