PES 2009 Tricks

If you’re almost the finished article when it comes to your playing abilities on PES 2009 or even if you’re simply terrible at the game and need some advice on little moves that may help you improve then this article is definitely for you.

While I can’t promise to make you a better PES player, these hints and tips should get you firmly on the road to success and with constant practice you’ll have them mastered in no time.

The Cut Back

Cut backs are generally frowned upon in multiplayer/online play but there’s no question it’s a useful attacking ploy to utilise and is often undefendable. The cut back can be particularly useful if you are a side that doesn’t possess the strongest of attacking line-ups or merely if you are struggling to find goals from open play.

Explaining the cut back couldn’t be an easier task. Basically when you are charging through anywhere near the opponent’s 18-yard-box, instead of opting to take the shot on yourself, try simply squaring the ball to a team mate using the pass button and you tend to find they are left with a tap in.

Obviously this tactic relies on getting support for the front line, so it may be worth incorporating a system that includes an attacking midfielder or two. Good luck and let’s hope you see the net rippling on regular occasions!

The Check

One of my personal favourite moves when it comes to PES 2009 is, as I like to call it, the check. In fairness I probably over use it but there’s no doubting its ability to tie the AI opposition defenders in knots.

While you’re dribbling with the ball (I tend to find it most effective when moving diagonally towards the opponents goal) release the directional button and press R2 instructing your player to stop the ball dead. Immediately after dribble the ball away from the defender, preferably in an alternate direction, and you should evade any sort of challenge with ease. Try it out and see what happens!

The Marseille Roulette

This isn’t really a trick that I use too often but it can be extremely useful if carried out in the right areas. Obviously you don’t want to be doing it in your own six-yard-box but in the opposition’s half it can be a lethal weapon.

When dribbling with the ball at your feet rotate the directional button a full 360 degrees and hey presto. Bear in mind, however, that only a select few players can perform the trick. Sorry Titus!

The Flip Flap or Elastico

We’ve all had a laugh at our mate’s expense when he tries Ronaldinho’s signature move at the local park only to end up on his backside, looking like a complete plonker in the process. Ok so that’s me trying to pass the buck as I’ve had my fair share of embarrassments too but while the flip flap really is a difficult move to master, with PES 2009 you will have it down to a tee.

All you need to do is push the directional button to the opposite side of the player’s stronger foot and then back the opposite way while dribbling. So if you’re in possession with Cristiano Ronaldo for instance, you’ll be pressing the left directional button then the right one almost simultaneously. Give it a go!

The Step Over

While you might not prove to be as trigger happy as a certain Portuguese winger, throwing a few step over’s during a pulsating attacking run can unsettle an opposition defender. While I’ve never really noticed the step over throwing a defender completely off course, the occasional use of the move is certainly pleasing on the eye!

When running with the ball tap R1 or L2 twice and watch your player perform as many mesmerising step overs as you so please!

The Dive

I find it quite humorous that a football game is condoning what is widely considered one of the more ugly sides of the sport. Then again this is only a game and getting away with a dive would probably fill you with much self satisfaction.  To be honest I don’t try them very often as I would rather just smash the ball in the net and I can safely say that I’ve never pulled off a dive and got away with it.

If you do fancy testing the resolve of the man in the middle then press L1, R1 and R2 at the same time when you’ve got the ball. Be careful though, get it wrong and you can have no complaints about having to head off down the tunnel for an early bath!

Super Cancel

While all of the aforementioned tricks and tips tend to be performed in attacking situations, this next one could be the difference between you keeping a clean sheet and conceding a hatful of goals. Positioning and positional awareness is certainly considered an influential part of the makeup of a decent defender in real life and it’s no different in PES either.

By pressing R1 and R2 together when defending you can manually move your player wherever you want him to go instead of relying on the AI. This way you can cut out that dangerous through pass or even double up with the computer (by pressing the shoot button when defending) to thwart an attacking move.

Your days of frustration are over too as super cancel can also save you needlessly conceding throw-ins and corners as you can avoid making any contact with the ball when it’s aimlessly floating out of play just short of the touch line.

Shot Feint

It’s a pretty basic move there’s no question about it but the shot feint can prove decisive in tricking an opponent and working enough space to carve out a clear cut opportunity. If done at the right time, the shot feint will leave defenders in a tangle but beware it doesn’t always come off!

To execute the shot feint you just have to press the pass button as the shot power bar begins to fill. Having consulted the PES game manual, I’m reliably informed that the feint will differ according to the directional button input prior to pressing the pass button.

The Dummy

Not only does a dummy look and feel fantastic if you get it right but in an attacking position it can help relinquish a player in a better position and give them the freedom to go on and have a shot at goal.

To carry out a dummy, just before the ball reaches you press and hold R1 to step over the ball. Although make sure you have a player behind you when leaving the ball because if you get it wrong, as well as looking rather like a dummy yourself you can be susceptible to a quick fire break from the opposition.

The Drag Back

A fancy if not spectacular trick, the drag back can be the perfect way to humiliate a mate and prove your credentials as the ultimate freestyle king of PES 2009.

Performing a drag back is pretty difficult and explaining it is even harder but here goes. Hold the R2 button from a stationary position and press the directional button in the opposite direction of that of the player’s run and then immediately press the directional button in a 45 degree angle diagonally towards the player’s strongest foot. Sounds complicated right? Well while it may take a few attempts to pull it off, don’t fret as I’m sure you’ll have it mastered in no time!

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