Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 WENB Option File Download

Finally the time has come for the release of the WENB Option file, a time almost better than Christmas. The one fault with Pro Evo has always been the absence of some teams, fake players, fake shirts, etc. However, we’re lucky to have the good guys at WENB that always fix these problems for us, with awesome packs that fix all player, team, and kit issues.

Here’s what the team at WENB said: “It’s quite simply a base, something the team put together quickly, using the assests of the created kit templates and emblems.”

The file includes:

All fake teams names corrected
All emblems inserted
All cup/league logos inserted
All fake club team kits inserted (EPL, La Liga, Palermo etc)
International kits started (Russia and Mexico)

To download the WENB Option file, click the image below, or click here.

PES 2011 Option File Download
PES 2011 Option File Download

Another user also created an addition to the option file, with most of the international kits. This is the caution from WENB:

“THIS FILE IS IN ADDITION TO THE CURRENT OF. You must first download the file above, then download Marki’s file and insert all the files. I repeat, THIS IS AN ADDITION, NOT A BRAND NEW FILE.”

This includes:

– Austria
– Belgium
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Bulgaria
– Denmark
– Finland
– Israel
– Montenegro
– Norway
– Poland
– Romania
– Serbia
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– Switzerland
– Ukraine
– Wales
– Angola
– Cameroon
– Egypt
– Nigeria
– South Africa
– United States
– Brazil
– Paraguay

Download it by following this link.

Here’s an installation guide video:

There you have it, the goodness for PES2011. Enjoy and happy playing!

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