Newcastle 11/12 third shirt: Puma wants to change the home shirt?

The 2011/12 third shirt for Newcastle United is going to be black – much like the home shirt.

But instead of the vertical stripes like on the home shirt, Puma has gone for two diagonal white stripes high up on the shirt.

Further design features of the shirt include dark gray stripes on the shirt.

Newcastle has turned out in an all-black change kit before under the management of Sir Bobby Robson in 2000/01 and 2003/04.

My question is: If your third kit consists of the same colors as your home kit, why bother?

Maybe… Just maybe, Puma is suggesting a change from the traditional striped shirt to a more modern look. Recently, I managed to provoke Manchester City fans by pointing out that their away shirt looks like AC Milan’s.

I hope Magpies are better at talking things over.


When Newcastle launched their home kit, the shirt sales went dramatically up compared to the previous year and the club is hopeful that this new kit will also be popular with the fans.

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