Clemson HC Dabo Swinney: “We Built This Program on God’s Name, Image & Likeness”


Dabo Swinney is at it again, folks. The Clemson head coach known for his cringeworthy statements and backing out of promises he made about quitting coaching gigs if players were to get paid, is always good for a soundbite, and Wednesday was no different. This time, Swinney was talking about players and NIL deals. NIL deals are becoming a massive part of recruiting and the transfer portal in college football and Swinney was keen to emphasize that Clemson were always using these kind of deals to recruit. He says the Tigers have always used NIL deals to recruit, saying that he built the program on God’s name, image, and likeness.

Dabo Recruiting in God’s Name

Dabo Swinney is apparently a godly man. He likes to tell us every chance he gets and he was at it again on Wednesday. This time, Dabo was talking about NIL deals when he came out with another excellent soundbite that divided college football Twitter.

“For me, we built this program on NIL,” Sweeney said. “We really did. It’s probably different to what you’re thinking though. We built this program on God’s image, name, and likeness.”

There are some conspiracy theories among rival Gamecock and other fanbases that Clemson would funnel money through a church to pay their recruits. So, this is gold for them. One Twitter user seemingly asks Swinney, “You realize it’s KNOWN that you used a church to funnel money to recruits, right???”

Other Twitter users came to the defense of Dabo stating that they are glad that he is proud of his religion. Even some fans of their rival school, South Carolina came out in his defense.

Amen.” a Gamecock fan on Twitter said. “I’m a Gamecock fan but more importantly a Christian. Praise God for @daboswinney not being ashamed of the Gospel and Jesus Christ. We are brothers and on the same team for God.”

While this statement feels a little cringeworthy, it is somewhat on point for Dabo. However, he has stated that he is against players getting paid in the past. Once, he famously said that he would quit coaching if student-athletes got paid.

I thought Dabo was gonna quit coaching if players start getting paid,” another Twitter user said. “I was looking forward to that, would be the best thing to come out of NIL.”

That seems like an excellent place to finish this article. Have a good day, everyone.

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