Aaron Lennon on beating Gareth Bale, his football idols and Madrid

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The campaign for the latest Superfly is just taking off as the Nike Superfly III hits the market. At the launch event, Soccer Bible sat down with Tottenham’s Aaron Lennon this week and asked him about Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, his football idols and the new football boots.

What was your first reaction when you saw the Superfly III football boots?

    My first thought was how much they stand out! But I thought they were a nice boot and I’ve always been a fan of the range. I also like that the designs are different on both sides of the boot. But yeah,the first thing I thought was how much they stand-out and how I couldn’t wait to put them on.

You mention you’ve always been a fan of the range, what are your first memories of the Nike Mercurial boots as they’ve been around since 1998?

    It was that Ronaldo wore the first ones, I was a big fan and he was one of my idols.I always wanted to wear the boots my idol wore, so now that I’m wearing the Nike Mercurial boots it’s great.

On the training ground, do the players notice each other boots, especially when you’ve got a new pair?

    Yeah we like to have a laugh about them. Obviously people are sponsored by different makes, but we have banter between us. Because if you’ve got a bright pair of boots, you’re gonna have to play quite well!

Do you keep boots from memorable games?

    Yes sometimes I do, I’ve got a few pairs from debuts games and a few I wore at the World Cup. But I give a lot away or donate them to charities.

To play with such blistering pace, it must be important to have confidence in your footwear?

    Yeah its massive. For me this is such a light boot that I feel even quicker, which is great. It’s the same with a lot of players, they’ll tell you that when you’ve got a heavy boot on you feel slower. Sometimes it is just in your head, but it’s true, so it helps having a light boot and it’s very important for me.

Talking of speed, we spoke to your team-mate and fellow winger Gareth Bale not so long ago, who had to confess you might just beat him for pace?

    For speed yeah,I think I’d just beat him in a race, but it depends how long the race is!

A great example of your speed was the assist against Milan in the Champions League, that must rate up there as your season highlight?

    Yes definitely,playing in the Champions League is a first for me and I’m enjoying it so much. I don’t think a lot of people expected us to do as well as we have been, so to do that in Milan was very special.

For the away legs, such as the upcoming trip to Madrid, how many pairs of boots will you take?

    Normally I’ll take two pairs of each so four, two with studs and two molded. Most players will take four pairs, but it depends on how picky you are, some players will take more some will just take one or two pairs. But normally I take four, and they’re all the same size and exactly the same boot.

How long will you wear a boot for?

    For me it’s normally a few weeks then I’ll switch to a new pair. The old ones I’ll give away to charities, or to some of the younger players at Tottenham and they love them.

Who were your idols when you were growing up, who would you pretend to be in the playground?

    Like I said Ronaldo, he was one of my all time favorites, and I also I looked up to Ryan Giggs, there wasn’t and still aren’t many wingers like Giggs. As a young kid I enjoyed watching people who dribbled the ball, and for me the best were Ronaldo and Giggs.

When you step onto the pitch to face the opposition, do you ever check out their footwear?

    Yeah sometimes you have a little look, because you might have different colors on. The lads notice what different players are wearing all the time.

Against Madrid you’ll be stepping onto the pitch wearing the same boots as Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil. So like the Nike campaign asks – ‘Who Is Superfly’?

    I think you have to give it to Ronaldo, right now he’s the main man!

Aaron Lennon on beating Gareth Bale, his football idols and Madrid


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