What is BTTS in Soccer Betting? Both Teams To Score Explained

BTTS in soccer betting is one of the most common and popular bet types amongst the many available. It stands for ‘both teams to score’ and is available to bet on at virtually all sportsbooks.

One of its attractions is that it remains a relatively simple bet, but you can add extra layers to the bet to increase the odds. So, how does it work?

Here is a comprehensive overview of how BTTS betting works, its rules, the various types of BTTS bets, and a few tips and strategies to help get you started.

What Does BTTS Mean in Betting?

So, what is BTTS in betting? BTTS is an acronym that stands for ‘both teams to score.’ In a nutshell, it is a bet on whether both teams in a soccer match will score at least one goal. You win if each team scores at least one goal, although the rules vary slightly based on the various BTTS soccer bet types.

Most online sportsbooks offer two options on BTTS soccer betting: yes or no. Betting yes means that both teams will score, while betting no means the opposite – one or both teams may fail to score. Here is an example based on an English Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley.


Both teams to score in soccer betting is simple. Consider an example based on the match between Manchester City and Burnley. The odds for yes and no BTTS bets are 1.95 and 1.75, respectively. Betting yes would only earn you a win if both teams scored at least one goal each, while betting no would earn you a win if one or both teams failed to score. Suppose you wagered $100; you would get $195 if you bet yes and both teams scored or $175 if you voted no and one or both teams failed to score.

What is BTTS Betting in Soccer?

The BTTS meaning doesn’t change when betting on soccer. In fact, soccer matches satisfy all rules of BTTS betting, and it is inarguably the most popular sports category for this bet type – let’s take a closer look.

Both teams to score in soccer simply means betting on whether or not both teams will score at least one goal each in a soccer match. Overall, soccer is the most suitable sports category for BTTS betting. Scoring is not guaranteed in soccer, increasing the risk of losing and therefore boosting the odds. The overall structure of soccer matches also accommodates all BTTS bet types, including BTTS over/under, BTTS + win, BTTS for both halves, and more.

What are the Types of BTTS Bets?

The example earlier of Manchester City and Burnley is based on a BTTS yes or no bet. It is only one of five soccer BTTS bet types that you will find available in the best soccer betting apps. Here is an overview of the various BTTS markets and how they work:

BTTS in Both Halves

Soccer matches run for two rounds, referred to as the first and second halves. You can place a bet on soccer BTTS in each half, whereby the half-time and end-time results determine the bets’ outcomes.

A first-half BTTS soccer bet is based on the half-time results only. Both teams must score at least one goal each before the first half ends for a ‘yes’ BTTS bet to win, and vice versa. A second-half BTTS bet works in the same way, but goals scored during the first half don’t count – essentially, both teams must score one goal each after the second half starts.

Betting BTTS in each half increases your betting opportunities and may even boost your odds. You can, of course, wait to see the outcome of the first half and how each team is playing before you place a second half BTTS bet. The best live sports betting sites all offer this option.

BTTS + Win

BTTS + win is a combination of two bets: whether both teams will score and which team will win. Based on the earlier example between Manchester City and Burnley, you can bet that both teams will score and Manchester City will win. Of course, the outcome must always be at least two goals for one team and one goal for the other to win this bet.


Both Teams to Score Yes or No

BTTS in soccer betting as a yes or no answer is simple and popular. Betting yes implies that both teams will score at least one goal each, while betting no means that either one or both teams will not score.

BTTS & Over/Under

BTTS over/under is a combination of both teams to score and over/under bets. Essentially, the bet and match outcomes are interdependent.

The first part of this soccer BTTS under/over betting works normally – determining whether each team will score. The second part of the bet (over/under) involves predicting how many goals both teams will score. To this end, you can bet that both Manchester City and Burnley will score at least one goal each and whether the total goals will be more or less than a set threshold, such as 2.5 or 3.5. Interestingly, BTTS over/under betting also works for other sports categories besides soccer.


A BTTS bet, in its basic form, requires both teams to score at least one goal each before the match ends. A BTTS 2+ bet raises the stakes by requiring both teams to score at least two goals each. This bet type is especially popular in high-profile matches in the big leagues, such as the Premier League.

Another BTTS bet type worth mentioning is the BTTS no draw. It is based not only on both teams scoring, but also on one team scoring more goals than the other.  With a BTTS no draw bet, you are wagering that both teams will score but that the final result will not be a draw.

BTTS in Other Sports

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular with more punters every year. This is largely due to advertising, increased accessibility of online sportsbooks and the rise of mobile gambling too. In the US, the sports betting market size was valued at $20 billion in 2019 and has grown exponentially since then. 41 US states have had sports betting related legislation introduced as of 2021.

With more demand comes more interest in wider and more varied betting markets for all sports. At the moment, BTTS betting is immensely popular but mostly limited to soccer as it all comes down to the likelihood of scoring.

Remember that both teams only need to score at least once each to win. Scoring can be difficult for soccer, and failure to score is all too common. In contrast, scoring is easy in most other ball games, such as basketball and ice hockey. This eliminates the risk of losing, making this sports bet type unappealing to bookies. Fortunately, soccer matches are numerous, providing plenty of betting opportunities.

However, you can find other variations of BTTS bets for other sports categories. Most notably, the BTTS over/under betting works for most ball sports, including basketball – the main difference being predicting both teams to score a specific total points.

The Rules of BTTS

The rules of BTTS betting are few, simple, and straightforward. Here is what you should know before betting:

  • Both teams must score at least one goal each if you bet ‘yes.’
  • At least one of the teams should not score if you bet ‘no.’
  • Goals scored during penalties count toward the final score.
  • Own-goals also count towards the bet.
  • Only goals scored during the regular time count.

It is worth noting that goals scored during extra time don’t count toward the BTTS bet. Additionally, the bet is voided if the match is abandoned, meaning that you get your money back. However, the rules vary slightly depending on the soccer BTTS bet type.

Betting Tips & Strategy for BTTS

A good betting strategy usually can make all the difference when it comes to winning or losing. BTTS predictions can be helped by doing a little research beforehand. Here is an overview of four both teams to score tips and considerations to incorporate into your BTTS winning bet strategy:

Research & Analyze

Researching and analyzing both teams’ data can help you understand their performances and make more accurate BTTS predictions. Important data to research and analyze includes the teams’ most recent form and formations. You can also research individual players who may significantly affect the game’s outcome (especially injured, suspended, new or returning players).

Compare Past Performances

Comparing the teams’ performances is an essential aspect of research and analysis. It involves comparing their head-to-head records in previous matches, such as the goals scored, penalties issued, shots on target, and more. You can also compare each team’s performance against other mutual opponents to assist your BTTS predictions.

Study & Compare Playing Styles

Each soccer team has unique playing styles and tactics. Superior styles and tactics increase a team’s likelihood of scoring. Overall, it doesn’t matter which team’s playing styles and tactics are better – what matters is whether both teams are good enough to manage at least one goal. You can get both teams to score tips by looking at goal-scoring records in the league, do both teams score regularly or struggle to get a goal?

Stay Up to Date on the Latest News

News about individual teams and players can give you crucial insights into their ability to score. For example, an injury or suspension can leave one team weaker, while a new addition can make it stronger. Interestingly, bookies also adjust their BTTS odds based on emerging team news. As such, stay up to date on all news releases related to the teams and players.

Overall, this BTTS soccer betting strategy can help you make informed, accurate BTTS bets. However, it is worth noting that betting strategies are not fool-proof, so exercise proper risk management when betting. You can also make use of stats based websites such as The Stats Don’t Lie  that keeps ongoing records through the season of BTTS patterns, while the latest basketball news is also available.

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Pros & Cons of BTTS Betting

Both teams to score betting has a few advantages that can help make betting easier and more successful. However, it also has a few disadvantages that can expose you to the risk of losing. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of making a BTTS bet.


  • Simplicity

BTTS soccer bets are easy to understand and place: simply predict whether or not both teams will score. This bet type’s simplicity makes understanding it easy regardless of your betting experience – notably, it is one of the easiest bets for amateurs.

  • Reliable Betting Strategy

BTTS bets are not entirely based on random chance. You can use a simple strategy to determine whether or not the teams playing in your chosen match will score, helping you make accurate decisions. The strategy is widely documented and easy to practice.

  • Wide Availability

Finding a BTTS bet is available across virtually all sportsbooks and applies to all soccer matches. They also come in different types. Overall, thousands of soccer matches are played all year round, thus creating numerous betting opportunities.


  • High Margins

The margins for BTTS bets can be quite high, depending on the sportsbook, odds, and other factors. Overall, the house edge averages between 4% and 6%.

  • Unpredictability

All bets are partly based on random chance. A match’s outcome can be unpredictable, increasing the risk of losing.

Best Sportsbooks for BTTS

BTTS betting is available across virtually all sportsbooks. Finding the right sportsbook for you can be difficult when there’s so much choice, but there are online tools such as Reddit best online sportsbooks where you can pick up tips.

Here is an overview of six important factors to consider when choosing the best sportsbooks for BTTS betting:

Soccer Betting Markets

BTTS betting mostly applies to soccer matches. To this end, the number of BTTS bets available in a sportsbook depends on the number of soccer betting markets available. Some sportsbooks offer more soccer betting markets than others, thus offering more betting opportunities. You can also check whether the sportsbook offers other BTTS soccer betting types for other sports categories.

Bet Types

Both teams to score betting is only one among dozens of other bet types. Other bet types include 1X2, 1-2, and over/under bets, just to mention a few. Some are just as simple and potentially rewarding, and nothing should stop you from trying your luck. Interestingly, you can also combine BTTS bets with other bet types when making accumulator bets.

Odds & Margins

Your returns depend on the bet’s odds and your stake size. BTTS odds vary depending on various factors, including the sportsbook. Higher odds mean bigger returns, so go for bookies with the best odds. It is also worth noting that you can boost your odds by placing accumulator BTTS bets. Margins also matter, and lower margins mean bigger returns.


You can claim hundreds and even thousands of dollars when signing up on an online sportsbook for the first time. The bonus can go a long way in boosting your bankroll, enabling you to make more and bigger BTTS bets.

Some bookies offer bigger bonuses and promotions than others, making them more appealing. However, the offers come with strings attached, so check whether the promotions’ terms, conditions, and wagering requirements are reasonable.

Payment Policies

Depositing money into your sportsbook account and withdrawing your winnings shouldn’t be a hassle. Unfortunately, some sportsbooks can charge you fees and take days to process your withdrawal requests. Some also offer limited withdrawal options. As such, review the sportsbook’s payment methods and policies.

License & Regulation

All sportsbooks should be regulated to ensure that they comply with fair betting rules and follow strict guidelines with regard to customer security. As such, check whether the bookie is licensed and review their reputation.


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