What is a Trixie in Betting? – How Does Trixie Betting Work?

A Trixie is a bet commonly used in horse racing and other sports. It involves three selections and four options within one bet: three double bets and one treble bet. Of the three selections, two have to win for you to collect any money.

So, what is a Trixie in betting, and how does it work with different sports? Stay tuned to learn more about Trixie rules, advantages, strategies, and more.

What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet consists of four bets from three selections. The four bets must include the following:

  • Three double bets
  • One treble bet

If you accurately pick three winners, all three double bets are landed, while the bet’s treble can really boost your returns.

Understandably, most amateur bettors are usually a little confused about how a Trixie in betting works. Fortunately, Trixie betting is easy to master and leverage to your advantage once you learn how to use it.

The Trixie betting meaning fits the overall definition of full-cover bets. Full-cover bets are safe because they offer some form of insurance. Overall, betting Trixie ranks among the simplest, safest, and most rewarding full-cover bets.

Whether it is horse racing or soccer, Trixie betting has one strict rule:

  • You cannot bet on multiple outcomes in one event (for example, betting on two different horses to win Race 1).

Another important thing to note in betting Trixie bets is that the total stake is four times the unit stake. A Trixie bet comprises four bets, and you must wager a stake on each bet (unit). For example, if you wager $2 on one bet, the total stake will be $8.

What are Examples of a Trixie Bet?

What is a Trixie bet? Moreover, how does a Trixie in betting work? The answer is simple when illustrated using an example. As such, consider a Trixie bet on some hypothetical football matches in the NFL. A Trixie requires you to pick at least two winners from three NFL picks.

Say for example, the matches are as follows:

  • New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers
  • Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New England Patriots vs New York Jets

Based on this example, your Trixie bet slip would comprise the following bets:

  • One double bet on outcomes A and B (San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars to win)
  • One double bet on outcomes A and C (San Francisco and New England Patriots to win)
  • One double bet on outcomes B and C (Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots to win)
  • One treble bet on outcomes A, B, and C (San Francisco, Jacksonville and New England to win)

trixie bet

Now that you understand the Trixie betting meaning, the next step is understanding how to win with this type of bet. Here is a simplified overview of how does a Trixie bet work:

  • None of your predicted teams wins – you lose the entire stake.
  • One of your predicted teams wins – you lose the entire stake.
  • Two of the predicted teams win – one of the double bets wins, and you get a return (a profit is not guaranteed).
  • Three of the predicted teams win – all three double bets, and the treble bet automatically wins, giving you a return plus a profit.

Interestingly, you don’t have to win all predicted outcomes for the Trixie bet to win. Overall, you must win at least two of the three bets to see a return on your wager.

What are the Advantages of Trixie Bets?

Betting Trixie comes with a few notable advantages, including the following three:

  • Highly Rewarding – The odds for each of the four bets are multiplied, making them higher. Higher odds mean bigger payouts, even when wagering small stake sizes.
  • Low-Risk – Trixie betting is lower risk, despite the combination of multiple bets into one. It is low-risk because you don’t have to win all four individual bets to get returns on your wager – winning only two outcomes can earn you a small profit, depending on the odds. Additionally, winning all three double bets guarantees a win for the treble bet.
  • Many Betting Opportunities – A Trixie in betting works well with various sports categories, including soccer and horse racing. Overall, the compatible sports categories feature hundreds to thousands of matches and Trixie betting markets, especially when playing at the best Trixie sportsbooks.
  • Reliable Betting Strategies – A good betting strategy can increase your wins and profits. Trixie betting is compatible with various common betting strategies. Additionally, you can customize your strategy based on your unique needs and preferences.

Trixie vs. Patent vs. Treble Betting

Patent Bet

Patent and treble bets often come up when asking, “What is a Trixie in betting?” These bet types share some similarities and have a few subtle differences.

A patent bet comprises three selections, just like a Trixie bet. However, it features seven bets, instead of four. Additionally, while betting Trixie doesn’t include single bets (only doubles and a treble), three of the patent bets are singles. Finally, you only need to win one selection to get a return on your patent bet, while betting Trixie requires at least two winning selections for a return. Here is a summary of the benefits of patent betting:

  • Returns are guaranteed with only one win.
  • Single bets are accepted (and easier to predict).
  • The returns are potentially high, considering the seven betting options and high odds.

Treble Bet

A treble bet is one of the bet types included in a Trixie bet. Overall, it is a combination of three bets on three single selections. The selections must be drawn from one event. The rule is simple: you must win all three selections to see a profitable return on your stake. Here is a summary of the benefits of treble betting:

  • The unit stake doesn’t change.
  • The odds are high, increasing the payouts.
  • They are easier to predict than Trixie and patent bets.

How to Calculate Trixie Odds & Payouts

The best horse racing betting apps provide a Trixie bet calculator to work out your odds and payouts. Most Trixie betting sites offer free calculators. Here is an example:

A bet calculator is easy to use, but you must get the numbers right for accurate results. It is also worth noting that different betting sites’ calculators have different layouts and designs, but the concept doesn’t change.

Unfortunately, some sites don’t offer calculators but fortunately, the calculations are easy.

So, consider a Trixie bet on three outcomes with the following odds:

  • Outcome A: 1.3
  • Outcome B: 1.5
  • Outcome C: 1.8

Based on these odds, the double and treble bets with offer the following odds:

  • Double bet on outcomes A and B: 1.3 X 1.5 = 1.95
  • Double bet on outcomes A and C: 1.3 X 1.8 = 2.34
  • Double bet on outcomes B and C: 1.5 X 1.8 = 2.7
  • Treble bet on outcomes A, B, and C: 1.3 X 1.5 X 1.8 = 3.51

Each betting option gives you varying payouts because of the varying odds. Calculating each bet’s payout entails multiplying the bet’s odds by the unit stake – odds X unit stake = payout. For example, a unit stake of $10 gives you $19.5 on the first double bet and $23.4 on the second one. Overall, using a Trixie bet calculator is always recommended for accuracy.

Can You Bet on Trixies Each-Way?

Trixie bets work well with each-way betting. Each-way betting involves wagering on two options: a win and a part/place and you can find out all you need to know in our Each-Way betting guide. To this end, an each-way Trixie bet doubles your betting options from four to eight – it also doubles your unit stake sizes.

Interestingly, most Trixie betting sites pay out about 1/5 of the winning odds for the ‘part’ section of the each-way Trixie bet. Additionally, you are guaranteed a return if only two of the three ‘place’ bets come true, even if they don’t win – however, you need more wins to cover your entire stake and make a profit.

Best Sports for Trixie Betting

Trixie betting is flexible and versatile, making it compatible with various popular sports. Trixies are especially popular in horse racing, which is a sport that gives year-round betting opportunities and remains ever-popular. Horse racing accounts for 6% of the global sports betting market.

Away from horse racing, Trixie bets also work well with the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Greyhound racing
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball

However, it is worth noting that not all matches in these sports categories meet the betting terms of Trixie betting. Overall, soccer and horse racing are the best sports for readily available Trixie betting markets.

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Five Top Tips for Trixie Bets

A good Trixie betting strategy can boost your likelihood of winning, thus increasing your payouts. Fortunately, Trixie betting works well with many common betting strategies. Additionally, you can also customize these strategies to suit your unique betting preferences. Here is an overview of five reliable and efficient tips for your Trixie betting strategy:

  1. Do Your Research – Researching gives you a clear picture of the betting market’s past and present statuses, enabling you to predict its future performance – for example, a horse with a long losing streak is likely to lose in upcoming horse races. If betting on soccer, review the teams’ past historical data, such as head-to-head goals comparisons, concessions, wins, and more.
  2. Take It Slow – Trixie betting is available for several popular sports, including soccer and horse racing, so don’t be too eager to bet on every available Trixie betting market. Instead, take it slow and wait for the right Trixie betting markets to come up.
  3. Bankroll Management – Ideally, you should never stake more than you can afford to lose on a Trixie bet, as a loss would throw your bankroll off balance. Experts recommend setting an acceptable loss margin, such as 5% of your budget.
  4. Know When to Use Each-Way Trixies – Each-way Trixie bets can increase the odds, stakes, and payouts of ordinary Trixie bets. This means that you can win up to two times the amount you would with a win only Trixie bet. However, don’t forget that each-way Trixie betting also doubles the total stake and may increase the risk of losing because of the extra ‘place’ bets, so be cautious.
  5. Know When to Use a Patent Bet Instead of a Trixie – Patent bets are slightly easier and safer than Trixie bets. For starters, they allow three single bets, which are easier to predict than trebles and doubles. Additionally, you only need to win one selection to get returns on your stake. It is always worth familiarizing yourself with a range of different betting options such as the Round Robin betting guide.


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