What Is 1X2 in Betting?

One sports betting reference you may have come across is ‘1X2’, which to most people may look like a basic sum, but to sports bettors means something very specific.

Sports betting markets and odds can appear straightforward to a seasoned bettor but hugely confusing to a novice. Abbreviations, acronyms, and sports terminology are frequently used, and often require their own dictionary for newcomers to understand – with 1X2 being one such phrase.

Here, we’ll answer the question ‘what is 1X2 in betting?’, and take a look at its popularity, along with how it works.

What is 1X2 in Betting?

1X2 betting refers to wagering on three outcomes in a sports match. Each character in 1X2 refers to a possible outcome, as detailed below:

  • 1 – The home team or player wins.
  • X – A draw between the two teams or players.
  • 2 – The away team or player wins.

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To this end, it is also popularly known as a three-way bet because of the three outcomes. Other popular references include match betting or simply betting on full-time results. Overall, it is one of the simplest and most common betting markets. However, it only works for certain sports, such as soccer, hockey, and cricket.

How Does a 1X2 Bet Work?

The question ‘what does 1X2 mean in betting’ only gives you half an answer. The next question should be how this betting market works.

Using a real-life example is the best way of explaining how 1X2 betting works. So, consider a soccer match between Arsenal and Barcelona, whereby Arsenal are the home team, and Barcelona are playing away from home. The odds would be presented as follows:

  • (1) Arsenal – 1.5
  • (X) Draw – 8.2
  • (2) Barcelona – 2.3

The odds in a 1X2 bet vary depending on various factors, including location. Traditionally, the home team is considered to have the advantage over the away team, hence many home teams feature lower odds.

However, the teams’ overall strength determines the odds, so keep an open mind. Overall, the presentation, odds, and outcomes are simple and straightforward, making this one of the easiest markets to bet on.

Why is the 1X2 Market so Popular?

Sports betting in general is gaining in popularity all the time. This is partly due to the removal of many state betting restrictions but also the fact it is becoming much more accessible with an online sportsbook and mobile gambling, too. The global sports betting market is expected to be valued at $155.49 billion by 2024.

1X2 betting is popular for several reasons. It is especially popular for its simplicity, considering that you only need to pick one option from three possible outcomes. Additionally, the betting options are easy to analyze and quick to place, making 1X2 bets safer than other complex bet types. 1X2 winning bets can also be rewarding, depending on the odds – 1X2 accumulator bets are also an option.

Overall, everyone (novice bettors and experts alike) can understand and place a 1X2 bet. Additionally, they feature in many sports with year-round events, making them easily available. The 1X2 bet is available at all of the best offshore sportsbooks.

How to Calculate a 1X2 Bet

Calculating a 1X2 wager on a bet slip is easy, regardless of your experience or expertise, just follow our 1X2 betting tips below. Suppose you bet $100 based on the earlier example of match betting between Arsenal and Barcelona; you can calculate your returns based on the following formula:

Stake * Odds = Returns

Based on the formula, your returns for each option would be as follows:

  • (1) Arsenal wins (home win) – $100*1.5 = $150
  • (2) Draw – $100*8.2 = $820
  • (3) Barcelona wins (away win) – $100*2.3 = $230

The formula is easy and applies to all 1X2 bet types. However, some bookies charge commissions, so factor that into the math when calculating your returns. Overall, your returns depend on the odds and stake amount.

Most Popular Sports for 1X2 Betting

Now that we’ve explained the meaning of 1×2 betting, let’s take a look at what sports it is commonly used. It is especially common in soccer, but American sports such as an NHL game in ice hockey are adopting it, too. Here is an overview of the most popular sports for betting 1X2:


Soccer – or football betting as it is known outside of the U.S. – is the ideal sporting encounter for placing a 1X2 bet. It meets all of the requirements, including two teams with all three likely outcomes. Soccer matches also take place over two halves, enabling 1X2 first half and 1X2 second half bets. Handicap 1X2 bets are also available for unevenly matched soccer teams. Overall, the best aspect about 1X2 bets in soccer is that matches play throughout the year, providing many betting options. You can see our guide to the best soccer betting apps for football betting.

In the example below, you will see a list of English Premier League soccer fixtures. Above the odds you can see the 1X2 headings with the odds underneath.

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Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular American sports supporting 1X2 bets. The sport involves two teams playing against each other for three possible outcomes, just like soccer. However, matches comprise three rounds instead of two. Overall, 1X2 bets are one of the safest and easiest bet types in ice hockey.

Basketball & More

1X2 bets, or three-way bets, are becoming increasingly popular and feature in more sports that meet the requirements. Other sports that offer this bet type include basketball, Test match cricket, rugby and football betting. However, whether this betting option is available may also depend on the bookmaker.

How to Approach a 1X2 Betting Market

1X2 betting is easy to understand, but it still requires a calculated approach. Overall, some research of the teams or competition is the best approach to betting 1X2.

The first step involves understanding and predicting the likelihood of all three possible outcomes. How likely is the home team or away team to win, or are they matched evenly enough to result in a draw? Fortunately, making 1X2 betting tips predictions is easier when you do your homework.

It is prudent to ensure that one team’s likelihood of winning a match is more than 50% before placing a 1X2 bet. Draw bets are tricky to predict, but draw odds are usually higher than win odds if you are willing to take the risk. Interestingly, the odds can help you gauge a team’s strength.

Here is an overview of four 1X2 betting tips and factors to consider when doing your research:

Team News

Information from the teams participating in your selected match can give you an accurate insight into their performance. News items such as the team’s line-up, injuries, and suspensions, can help you gauge the team’s strength and predict its performance, especially with football betting.

Interestingly, bookmakers usually adjust their three-way betting odds after the teams are confirmed so it’s always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest news before placing your bets. This is one of the most important 1X2 betting tips.

Head-to-Head Records

Is it the first time the two teams are playing against each other? If not, you can get crucial insights into the teams’ past performances, which can help you predict their future performances.

Remember to consider all changes that can affect the individual teams’ performances when reviewing H2H records. You can also review the individual teams’ performances against their mutual opponents for a more in-depth analysis.

In-Play Statistics

You can place a 1X2 second half bet after the match has started. In this case, monitoring the match’s first half and analyzing the live statistics can give you a fairly good idea of what to expect in the second half. Live betting is becoming more and more popular due to its dynamic nature and the fact bettors can use this information to assist them with predictions. Here’s a list of our best live sports betting sites.

Players’ Performance

You can also go deeper by researching and analyzing individual players’ performances to make more accurate 1X2 betting tips predictions. Is one particular striker in form and scoring goals every week? Is the star player carrying an injury? This is especially important when there are new players involved in the upcoming match.

1X2 Bet Types

The 1X2 betting market is simple, but it comes in three main variations. Each type has different rules, and some are more appealing than others. Here is an overview of how the different 1X2 bet types work:

1×2 First Half

Some sports matches are divided into two halves or rounds, such as soccer. The 1X2 first half bet is limited to a match’s first half. This means that only the goals scored during the first half and only the half-time result counts towards the bet – the final outcome of the match after the second half has finished does not matter.

1X2 Second Half

Unlike the 1X2 first half bet, the 1X2 second half bet only applies to the match’s second half. Only the goals scored in the second half count towards the bet, so in effect you are betting on a team win in the second half only.

However, this wager on a bet slip only covers the match’s official timeline, meaning that any goals scored during overtime or extra time don’t count. Interestingly, this bet option is convenient because you can use the match’s first-half results to predict the second-half’s outcome.

1X2 Handicap Betting

The 1X2 handicap is a popular option for unevenly matched teams. It means that the bookie gives and takes away goals from the perceived weaker and stronger team, respectively, before the match begins. The odds would look like this: Team A (-0.5, 2.8); X (7.3); Team B (+0.5, 5.6).

Team A is stronger and expected to win, so it gets 0.5 points less than Team B, the underdog with higher odds. To this end, both teams draw if the score is (1-0), Team B wins if the score is (0-0), and so on – just add 0.5 to Team B’s score and subtract 0.5 from Team A’s scores.

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Betting 1X2 Accumulators

So what does 1X2 mean in betting accumulators? Accumulator bets refer to multiple single bets placed in one wager. They can comprise different bet types, including 1X2 bets.

Interestingly, 1X2 accumulator bets are simpler than other bet types. You simply get to choose which teams will win or draw without the complexities associated with other bet types. However, it is worth noting that the risk increases with every additional bet, so it is prudent to limit your 1X2 accumulator bets to a few games you are confident on.

The risk associated with 1X2 accumulator bets is worth it considering the potential returns. Accumulator bets feature higher combined odds, meaning higher returns. Some bookies also offer bonuses for accumulator bets.

Advantages of 1X2 Betting

1X2 betting has many benefits over other bet types, which explains its popularity. Here is an overview of the four most obvious benefits of betting 1X2 wagers:


What does 1X2 mean in betting? Simplicity is one of the first things that come to mind, and it gives way to many other benefits. It is one of the simplest bets to place as there are only three betting options.

All of the options depend on the game’s final outcome – so you don’t have to worry about in-play events. The simplicity makes this bet appealing to bettors of all calibers, especially beginners still learning the ropes.

Low Risk

The simplicity associated with 1X2 bets also makes them relatively less risky than other bet types. The bet options are straightforward, unlike other wagers that depend on many dynamic factors – ultimately, either there is a team win or draw. Additionally, proper analysis can also enable players to further lower any risks.

Numerous Betting Opportunities

1X2 bets are available for many sports, including soccer and ice hockey. Soccer is one of the most popular sports, with thousands of matches played across the world all year round, meaning thousands of betting opportunities. Ice hockey and other sports betting that offer this bet type, including rugby, cricket, and basketball, also provide many betting opportunities.

Good Rewards

1X2 bets come with varying odds depending on each outcome’s likelihood. Some of the odds are low or modest, while others are higher, making for decent returns. What’s more, you can boost your odds by placing 1X2 accumulator bets, thus multiplying your rewards.

What’s the Difference Between a 1X2 Bet and a 1-2 Bet?

The question ‘what does 1X2 mean in betting’ is usually followed by the question ‘is it the same as a 1-2 bet?’ The difference is subtle, which can make the two bet types confusing for new bettors.

The ‘X’ is the main difference between 1X2 and 1-2 bets. ‘X’ refers to a draw between both teams, so the latter bet type doesn’t offer this option among the available outcomes. To this end, 1 simply represents a home win, while 2 represents an away win. The fewer options mean that 1-2 betting is even simpler than 1X2 betting.

1-2 betting is especially common in sports that don’t include draws. However, it is overall one of the most common bets for many sports, including soccer, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more.

Best Sportsbooks for 1X2 Betting

Many sportsbooks offer 1X2 betting options on other sports. However, some also offer an overall better betting experience than others through top-quality betting features. To this end, the best sportsbooks for 1X2 betting include the following:

You can register and start playing at any of these good online sportsbooks within minutes. So, what makes them the best for making 1X2 bets? Overall, they offer premium-quality betting features, including the following:

Licensing & Regulation

For starters, all of the sportsbooks in the list are fully licensed and regulated under international jurisdictions. This makes them legal, so you can register and start betting without restrictions. Regulation also makes sportsbooks more transparent, guaranteeing fair gaming based on your skills and luck.

Diverse Sports Events

The sportsbooks on this list each offer dozens of sports categories. The available sports include those that work with 1X2 bets, such as soccer and ice hockey.

Some of the bookies also offer rare and exotic sports categories to suit different players’ diverse preferences. Besides sports, some of the bookies also offer betting options on special events such as politics, while others even feature online casinos with hundreds of games.

Betting Options

All sportsbooks support 1X2 bets for other sports, including soccer and ice hockey. You can also make dozens of other bet types, depending on your betting strategy. Some of the common bet types across all five bookies include 1-2 bets, accumulator bets, in-play bets, parlays, money-lines, spreads, handicaps, and more.

Good Odds

Odds vary depending on various factors, including bet types. Interestingly, 1X2 bets are simple and usually feature moderate odds. However, the bookies on this list offer slightly better odds than the rest. They also support accumulator bets, which you can use to boost your odds and payouts.

Promotions & Bonuses

Bonus bets and promotions can boost your bankroll and profits, which makes them highly sought-after. Fortunately, all of the sportsbooks on the list offer competitive promotions, including welcome bonuses for new players. The offers are easy to claim and usually feature reasonable terms and requirements.


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