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PowerCleatz: A revolutionary footballing aid



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Football boots have evolved since the game was invented, with the most revolutionary advances coming recently with countless brands, styles and types of footwear available for the professional and amateur athlete. However, one of the latest ideas to stem from sports enthusiasts is PowerCleatz, an accessory that slips over any football boot to aid power, performance and control.

PowerCleatz are manufactured from a proprietary patented plastic compound that provides excellent memory (it returns to its original shape when removed from the shoe), tackiness for ball control, cushion for foot protection and durability. PowerCleatz are equipped with a concaved ridge to increase kicking accuracy, a hydrocarbon polymer springboard to give power, and flattened sides to exponentially assist in control of the ball.

Take Aldo Duscher’s tackle on David Beckham or countless other examples of footballers breaking their metatarsals, which can sideline the injured player for up to a couple of months. The first benefit of PowerCleatz is the fact that acts as support and padding for the top of the foot, helping to take the brunt of a hefty tackle or collision.

Secondly, the PowerCleatz product’s material aids the player to shoot with more power and accuracy, counteracting the usual unstable nature of a normal boot. The product has been extensively tested and confirmed to strengthen the user’s shot, with the fabric used to develop the aid working with the ball.

PowerCleatz has been designed with all footballers in mind, from young children to international athletes. For all users of the product an extra psychological boost will be gained from the knowledge that they can strike the ball more cleanly and powerfully, whilst also ensuring safety and protection.

The PowerCleatz sleeve fits over a normal boot, and as such covers the player’s laces, which is particularly beneficial for children learning the game. Add to this the fact that there is an insert in the top of PowerCleatz to cushion any trauma of kicking the ground or another player’s foot and you have a product that protects as well as serves as a performance aid.

In tests conducted by the product’s developer Mark Hannah, it has been proven that PowerCleatz assists the athlete in curling or spinning the ball also; great for crosses or dipping shots. Mark took his product to be tested by the Brazil women’s international team, and the result and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. All users of PowerCleatz agreed that the use of the aid helping their game, improved performance and gave more security.

Surely it will not be long until we see the world’s most famous players using PowerCleatz. Lionel Messi has to constantly fend off defenders who foul and trip him; PowerCleatz will give the Ballon d’Or holder protection against injury. Can you imagine a Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick, except with more power? PowerCleatz are set to revolutionise the way the game is played, and this has been recognised by its governing body. Fifa have approved PowerCleatz for official use, and it may not be long until we see them used in the Premier League or La Liga.

PowerCleatz are available for purchase from the official website for a very reasonable $19.95.