Who will be the Next Soccer Star?

While some of us are just big dreamers, there are a few who actually do have the talent to sign that dream contract with one of the world’s top clubs. But, not everyone has the chance to catch the eye of that scout from Manchester United, Real Madrid, or even Blackpool.

Well, that may have been the case, but this is where Next Soccer Star steps in.

You could call Next Soccer Star the Monster.com for aspiring soccer stars, except that your resume is a highlight video, or more specifically, a StarZone.

Just as is the case with an impressive job resume helping improve your chances of getting that dream job, having an eye-catching StarZone improves your chances of getting noticed by Team X.

To get your StarZone up, you fill out all of the basics – name, gender (male and female can sign up, so ladies, don’t think it’s just for the guys), where you live, all that stuff – and add in some info about yourself, favorite club, favorite kit brand, your position, what your best attributes and skills are.

Then, you upload the important stuff – your picture and your highlight video. The video can be from anywhere, from a match, to training, to your backyard, as long as it shows you at your best, doing what you do best. And not only do you have to showcase your skills on the video, you have to say why you’re the beautiful game’s next big thing. See, there’s nothing wrong with talking about yourself sometimes, especially in auditions and interviews!

After you post your StarZone, site visitors can watch and give you StarPoints. The more StarPoints you have, the better. Not only does having a great StarZone help you rack up the StarPoints, but you could also wind up gaining plaudits that further aid your chances of being seen, as your StarZone could be honored as the StarZone of the Day, or you could be named to the Team of the Week, which is not only gauged by your popularity, but what the site’s experts think. And as mentioned above, the more eye-catching your skills are, the more your chances of getting that big break increase.

If you’re wondering if Next Soccer Star is legitimate, or if they’re trying to raise your hopes of making it big only to screw you over in the end, they’re real. NSS works closely with FIFPro to help ensure players not only get the best chance to succeed at the highest level, but get treated fairly.

Some of the names that the site works closely to help unearth diamonds on the pitch are former Brazil captain Carlos Alberto, Portuguese legend Eusebio, legendary Chilean defender Don Elias Figueroa, and Palmeiras Director of Football Antonio ‘Toninho’ Cecilio.

And, if you haven’t read this or this, by the founder of Next Soccer Star (he’s the guy next to Messi in the picture up top), then here’s an idea of the passion that he has for the game:

Next Soccer Star isn’t just for the future wonderkids of the world that haven’t been unearthed yet, or for those talents from obscure areas who are waiting to be noticed, but hey, if you’re the star of your Sunday League team and think you have what it takes to make it big, give it a shot. You never know what could happen, you could very well end up etching your into cup lore.

So, if you do think you have what it takes, and you want to put your name and your skills out there, head on over to Next Soccer Star and start paving your road to stardom today!

Also See: Save Your Footballing Soul (by Oliver Fowler, Next Soccer Star founder).

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