Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence Celebrates Epic Playoff Comeback Win By Going to Waffle House

trevor lawrence waffle house
trevor lawrence waffle house

On Saturday evening, the Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off one of the most incredible comebacks in NFL postseason history. The Jags recovered from a 27-point deficit to win in dramatic fashion against the Los Angeles Chargers in the Wild Card Round. While there was jubilation all around on the field for Jaguars players after the final whistle, the celebration did not end there. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence headed to a local Waffle House to celebrate the epic comeback win. It was his first in the NFL playoffs.

TLaw Heads to Waffle House to Celebrate

We’ve all been there. It is the end of a night out and all we can think about is stuffing our beak with carb-loaded junk. It is usually about 1 am, and a few drinks have been consumed prior. On Saturday, Trevor Lawrence got the time right, but he was drunk on something else, football.

Lawrence entered a Jacksonville Waffle House to celebrate his team’s incredible comeback from a 27-point deficit in the NFL Wild Card Round. Lawrence threw four interceptions in the first half. But then slung an incredible four touchdown passes to lead the Jags to a victory.

Lawrence was greeted by several fans in Jags gear upon entry. “Go Jags,” could be heard being yelled and a massive round of applause was received has he walked through the doors.

The 6-foot-5 quarterback, who grew up in Georgia before going on to play college ball in Clemson, SC stopped to take pictures with staff before chowing down on his waffles.

Trevor Lawrence’s wife, Marissa, also posted about the event on her Instagram. “We have peaked,” Marissa’s caption says as she scans around inside the Waffle House.

Next up for the Jags is a Divisional Round matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. Maybe Lawrence could upgrade to an Applebee’s if his team comes out on top of that one. Beating Mahomes on his home turf would surely be worth at least that.

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