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Barcode Football Review: Football Management With A Twist



BFB_Key Art

In a world truly dominated by fantasy football and the juggernaut that is FIFA, fans across the globe have been crying out for a new type of addictive football game; a game to challenge the norm and have us hooked as we enter the festive fixture list.

Enter Barcode Football, the free iOS and Android football management app with a unique way of interacting with everyday life.

Simple and easy to grasp; Barcode Football is the world’s first and only barcode football management game, with managers charged with constructing their own teams, training them up, and taking on other players online in a bid to win top prizes.

Barcodes are everywhere, you can’t get away from them; but with Barcode Football, you won’t want to, as with every barcode you scan in, you score a new player for your in-game squad!

The novelty of finding new players has not worn off for us at Soccerlens, and we are still running around drafting in new and interesting talent via the tags of recently purchased Christmas presents and chocolate wrappers. Any EAN or UPC barcode does the job, with huge satisfaction earned from seeing your discovered players leading your team to victory.

With so many barcodes around, you may even come across a brand new player, never before seen in the game, and have the privilege of naming him!

BFB_TeamTraining (1)

This 3D simulation experience lets you control every aspect of your created team from the get go; taking them through specific training regimens, levelling up individual players though specific guidance, and ultimately pitching your side against the world in a bid for absolute glory.

Regular competitions arise to make sure you stay on your toes, competing with other barcode managers across the globe for exciting prizes, including the most sought-after players and ingame items.

Not only do you get the joys of in depth footballing management with Barcode Football, not to mention the awesome way of drafting in players, but you also get to watch matches played out in cute 3D graphics.

Make sure you stay on top of proceedings, scouring highlights with a fine tooth comb, with stats constantly highlighted as the game goes on. Make your subs, spur on your team, and take the prize; with your team always under pressure from the next barcode that comes your way!


Free to download, you are taken through the first stages by your charming ingame assistant, Giselle. It doesn’t take long for the action to start, however, and after watching an all star side trounce their opponents, your fledgling career begins in earnest. Bring in players, train them with new formations, upgrade your side, and work towards completing your first nine challenges; with a special reward waiting at the end.

Get ready to enjoy a new brand of football game, with hundreds of eager fans now getting to grips with Barcode Football; scanning, training, scanning, winning!


Barcode Football on iOS
Barcode Football on Android