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The best managers in England this season

A study by BBC Sport has analysed the number of points returned per game for the managers in England since the start of the 2012/13 season.

Red is the new blue for resurgent Cardiff City and Gillingham

Cardiff City and Gillingham made the decision to wear predominantly red kits when playing at home.

English Football Wages: 1984 to 2010

Football wages are a ridiculously easy target - whether it's the high wages paid by Chelsea and then Manchester City, the astronomical wage bills...

England shouldn’t expect any success in the near future

Like myself, all English football fans have been let down in recent years by our regularly under achieving international side. I would like to...

Scoring Stats – Does the importance of the ‘go-to’ footballer vary between divisions?

When first examining scoring stats, we found there were big differences between how reliant individual leagues were across Europe on one player.  After some...

Liverpool’s Melodrama Is Just The Tip Of The Dog Turd

Whereas I have to admit that Liverpool's ongoing takeover saga has provided good copy since their boardroom civil war broke out nine days ago,...

Matty Phillips Lands A Premier League Move

Ian Holloway seems to be scouring the lower tiers of English league football. After missing out on Brett Pitman, who opted to move to...

The League Two Review – Week 3

We've moved into the third week of the campaign and an interesting match day was in store and what a match day of League...

Summer 2010 English League Two Transfers

You’ll find the summer 2010 League Two Transfers listed here. Archives for older transfer seasons are at the end of this page. For the...

The League Two Review

For all League 2 fans out there, this is designed as a platform for you to express views on everything league 2 and I hope to hear from all of you.

Summer 2010 Football Transfers Lists

With the World Cup in the rearview mirror, that means that new seasons are within sight, and it also means that the summer transfer...

January 2010 English League Two Transfers

You’ll find the latest League Two Transfers (January 2010) listed here. Archives for older transfer seasons are at the end of this page. For...