Fernando Torres: “We have to keep faith in our own style.”

Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina discussed the current state of their Spanish side after their shock loss to Switzerland. Torres stressed putting the Swiss game behind them, the importance to stay true to their unique style and his side’s preparation during a brief interview with the respected Madrid sports daily, Marca. Pepe Reina stressed that they had to learn from their mistakes to advance to the round of 16. La furia roja takes on Honduras in a must-win situation on Monday afternoon from Johannesburg.

On Switzerland

Es optimista pese al duro golpe que se llevó La Roja ante Suiza (0-1) en su debut en el Mundial de fútbol.

El ‘9’ reconoce que:

“Cualquier rival te puede complicar y mucho.”

Pero confía en haber superado el mal día que parecen estar teniendo muchas de las selecciones favoritas al título:

“Esperemos que nuestro mal día ya haya pasado”.

Fernando Torres in action against Benjamin Huggel of Switzerland
Fernando Torres in action against Benjamin Huggel of Switzerland


“He is optimistic despite the heavy blow that Spain took against Switzerland (0-1) during its debut during the World Cup.

Any opponent can complicate things a great deal.”

But he has faith that the bad day seems to have been overcome by many from one of the favorites for the title.

“We hope that our bad day is already in the past.”

On Staying True to their Style

Hay que mantenerse fiel a nuestro estilo. Si morimos, moriremos con nuestras ideas, no haciendo cosas raras. No tenemos que volvernos locos“.

“We have to keep faith in our own style. If we go out, we will go out with our own ideas. Not doing strange things. We don’t have make ourselves crazy.”

On Their Preparation for Honduras

Estamos todos preparados. Lo importante es que se mantenga la unión. Si te toca en el once, perfecto, si no, a esperar la oportunidad. Yo voy olvidando la lesión y ya estoy a disposición del entrenador“.

“All of us are prepared. The important thing is to stay together. If you are called to start, great, if not, wait for your chance. I am going to forget the injury and I’ve made myself available to the manager.”

Spanish source: Marca.com, June 19, 2010.

Fernando Torres with Pepe Reina in training
Fernando Torres with Pepe Reina in training

Pepe Reina: On Learning from Errors

Tenemos que aprender de los errores e ir convencidos de que vamos a pasar a octavos de final… Ojalá que la derrota nos sirva para apretar más los diéntes.

Sobre los próximos choques de La Roja en esta fase de grupos, el segundo portero de la selección dijo que:

“Estamos deseando ganar a Honduras y luego la idea es jugárnosla ante Chile”.


“We have to learn from our errors and go in convinced that we’ll win and pass to the round of 16… Hopefully, the defeat helps us to bear down more.”

Asked about the next challenges for the Spanish side in this group phase, the reserve keeper said that:

“We desire to beat Honduras and then the plan is to for us to play against Chile.

On Mistakes at the World Cup

Preguntado por los errores que se han producido en esta cita mundialista, Pepe Reina reconoció que:

“desgraciadamente se han cometido fallos, pero sólo deseo que a partir de ahora todos los guardametas tengan más suerte bajo palos”.


Asked about the errors that have been made at this World Cup, Pepe Reina recognized that:

“Unfortunately, they [goalkeepers] have committed mistakes, but I only hope that from this point on all of the keepers have better luck in goal.”

Spanish source: Marca.com, June 19, 2010.

Steve Amoia is a freelance writer, editor and translator from Washington, D.C. He writes the World Football Commentaries blog. He has written for AC Cugini Scuola Calcio (Italian soccer school), Football Media, Keeper Skool and Soccerlens.

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