Euro 2008 Fantasy Football – SoccerLens League!

Has anyone ever noticed how little there is to do with regards to football between matches? Once you read the paper, rant like a nut on your favourite blog, post a few things on a forum and elaborately explain to anybody willing to listen why your team should have won, you are left with nothing to do. No football entertainment whatsoever.

For this precise reason – I can only assume – somebody invented fantasy football: a wonderful distraction that will keep you football-busy for another five to fifteen minutes per matchday. But these minutes can be golden when the wait until the next game is only a few hours long. For this reason, SoccerLens has created its very own private Euro 2008 fantasy football league and we want you to join it!!

The site that will host our league is none other than who has created an uncharacteristically amazing interface for this summer’s festivities and who generously offer no prize for the winners. But that should not deter you; after all there is more to football than money: there are bragging rights.

So, just visit this link and sing up with your existing account (obviously you can also make one if you need to), ignore the shameless advertising, make your team, go to ‘leagues’ and enter the code 98380-18220 to join SoccerLens’ league. There are a few members there already, but I don’t suppose you can have a lot of fun with ‘a few’ so we are highly ambitious and targeting ‘many’ members.

See you at UEFA!

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